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Wouldnít it be nice just to sit back and have a trusted voice cut through all the noise, and provide some basic principles for improving performance?

In this three-hour Intervention workshop, Dan John does just this. Here he gives us the system he has developed over the course of over 30 years training and coaching athletes. His is a system consisting of 10 questions and 5 principles that will completely change the way you train your clients.

Intervention is Dan unpacking what goes through his head when someone calls to ask how to achieve a particular goal.

Itís his process, his philosophy, and his method of meeting people where they are, and coming up with the most effective way of getting them to a unique point B.

Whether youíre a coach or a trainee, Dan Johnís Intervention system will help you simplify the complexity, confusion and clutter in the world of strength and athletic performance training. More importantly, it will help you gain a birdís-eye view of exactly where you are, and what you need to do next.

Get Dan Johnís Coaching System

In this engaging live-recorded workshop lecture, Dan exploresó

The Four Quadrants for assessing and training athletes
The impact of age on programming
How to build and progress the five fundamental human movements
Creating a balanced athlete through asymmetrical training
Applying the Intervention system: seven different examples
Programming sets and reps
Fitting correctives and other elements into an athleteís busy training schedule
Appropriate warmups
and much more

Youíll walk away armed with a toolkit that will help you train any clientófrom sedentary elderly people, to 40-year-old moms, high school athletes, or elite professional athletes.

Youíll learn just about everything you need, from assessments, to rep schemes, to exercise selectionóall presented as a logical, coherent step-by-step process.

You'll finally be able to see exactly what you need (and donít need), and what to do next.

If you are a serious athlete, coach or fitness professional, this might be the single most important DVD youíll ever study.

Get Your Copy Today

In addition to the high-quality edited video recording of the presentation (3 discs, 212 minutes), youíll getó

Full Audio Recordings of the presentation in MP3 format
Full Transcripts of the presentation in PDF format
Coyote Point Kettlebell Club Primer, 50-page PDF
Dan Johnís 40-Day Program, 1-page PDF
Dan Johnís Health Tip Sheet, 1-page PDF
Standards, Sample Warmups & Complexes, 12-page PDF
Expanding on Intervention, 1-page PDF
Intervention Examples for Group Conversations, 1-page PDF
Intervention Flowchart, 1-page PDF
The Intervention Tool Kit, 1-page PDF
The Dan John Quadrants, 1-page PDF

PLUS more bonuses only when you buy from On Target Publications:

Dan John: Strength Training Philosophy, a 67-minute MP3 audio recording (Normally $10 on MovementLectures.com)
Dan John: Olympic Lifting Tips, a 7-minute MP4 video recording
Dan John: Intervention Audiobook, Chapter 21 excerpt, read by Dan John, a 9-minute MP3 audio recording
Dan John: From Dad to Grad, a 29-page PDF ebook (Normally $2.99 on Amazon Kindle)

Get Danís Intervention coaching system and start applying it with your athletes right away.

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