Dave Whitley<br>Lessons of the Old-Time Strongmen DVD

Dave Whitley
Lessons of the Old-Time Strongmen DVD

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Very few people understand the work of the old-time strongmen, and fewer yet can accomplish any of their feats. Dave Whitley is one such person, and in this live workshop DVD he'll show you how some of the strength feats are done.

Better yet, he'll teach you how to use the strongmen's methods to take your own training to levels you hadn't imagined. In today's strength world, the IronTamer is a premier go-to strongman!

Dave will cover and demonstrate:
~The definitions of strength
~Some of the record lifts that remain unbroken decades later
~How these men trained to get so strong
~And why we should pay attention
~Modern performing strongmen training methods
~How it all comes down to grip and hips

You'll also get to see some of these feats in person -- dynamic nail and horseshoe bending, remarkable grip feats and truly powerful demonstrations of singular focus.

"There is a lot to learn from old-time strongmen. Unfortunately, the information is scarce and rarely authentic. Fortunately, you have Lessons of the Old-Time Strongmen. David Whitley has studied with top strongmen whose lineage goes back to the greats of yesterday. Let "Iron Tamer" show you impressive feats of strength and teach you how to be very strong and never sore and tired."--Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Enter the Kettlebell!

Specifically, you'll see:
Implement bending: nails, a pan, a horseshoe
Card ripping
Grip demonstration
Lecture of the history of strength and strongman displays
Sledge get-up
Nail-through-board feat

Dave's an easy-going presenter whose knowledge, sense of humor and fair play will leave you with new insight... and a smile.

This is a 68-minute DVD. The other sessions from this workshop are also on DVD
Mark Reifkind's Lats, the Super Muscles
Dave Whitley's Kettlebell Fundamentals: Deepening Your Getup Skills
Tracy Reifkind's Swing Progressions with the panel Q&A DVD.

You can also order this 4-DVD workshop as a set and save $30.80

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