Mark Cheng<br>Prehab/Rehab 101, The Groundwork Progressions DVD

Mark Cheng
Prehab/Rehab 101, The Groundwork Progressions DVD

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This is the physical DVD, which is also available as a digital download from

In this video workshop, Mark Cheng covers the developmental positions from lying in periscope to the sphinx position, crawling, tall-kneeling and half-kneeling. In each position, he offers drills, and uses his three assistants to demonstrate the positions and drills while Mark makes suggestions to fine-tune each movement.

His personal life-long practice of martial arts combined with his work with patients and athletes gives him the wide foundation for sharing this material. You'll discover new ideas and progressions that will build off your current practices to provide better results for yourself, and your clients.

Video Duration: 104 minutes, 2 videos, package includes—
~ Private workshop video
~ PDF of the lecture transcripts
~ MP3 audio file of the full lecture
~ Presentation bullet handout PDF
~ Dan John Hip Displacement video
~ Bonus lectures from

Filmed at FitNex Training, Lawndale, California


Mark Cheng, L.Ac., Ph.D., is the chief physician of the Chung-Hua Institute in Los Angeles. He has Masters and Doctorate degrees in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and is a life-long martial arts practitioner. Dr. Cheng is a Senior SFG kettlebell instructor and a faculty member of Functional Movement Systems, a TRX Sports Med certified instructor and a human performance consultant.You can stay in touch with his lecture schedule on his site at

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