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Gray Cook
Movement, Softcover

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Movement: Functional Movement Systems: Screening, Assessment, Corrective Strategies

by Gray Cook
with Lee Burton, Kyle Kiesel, Greg Rose & Milo Bryant

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If you're a trainer, strength coach, physical therapist, or chiropractor whose clients trust to get them performing at their best, you need to have a system for evaluating and improving movement quality and a language to communicate with other professionals in.

In Movement, Gray outlines the movement system that is aimed at solving these problems. A system that is now being used across the world in NFL teams, NHL teams, the military, universities, and countless other clinics and training centers.

This system gives you a standard operating procedure and common language for movement-pattern screening, assessment and correction in fitness and rehabilitation. It will allow you to better identify potential risks and create better rehabilitation and exercise programs based on each individual’s unique movement profile. 

If you’ve ever wanted to:

… then Gray’s Functional Movement System outlined in Movement may be just what you need.

Movement is like the college course in the ‘missing piece’ of the performance and rehabilitation puzzle you never learned in school. 

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If you're looking for the missing puzzle piece to help protect your clients from future injury and to eliminate the roadblocks that hold them back from greater performance, you’ll find Gray Cook's Functional Movement System as detailed inside the Movement book invaluable.  

Inside you’ll discover a system that not only helps you screen and assess an individual’s movement quality, but also a system that helps you identify the corrective strategies they need to help protect from injury and to move better.
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