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Dave Draper
Your Body Revival

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by Dave Draper
"Being overweight is a private war"...

Your Body Revival is packed with simple, straight-talking encouragement, inspiration and motivation for permanent weight loss. Here Dave provides a commonsense guide to building muscle and fitness -- packed with motivation and enthusiasm.

This is a book for those of you who know losing weight will free you and strengthen you, but have tried and failed. We're happy to provide this alternative to the slate of fad weight-loss diet books, and hope you'll order a copy of this book: the last diet book you'll ever need.

Dave writes:
Somewhere along life’s journey we have forgotten our responsibility -- our obligation -- to care for our bodies and maintain our well-being. Take hold of your life with thanksgiving: Exercise, eat right for good. Your Body Revival is for those who are a little or a lot overweight, for whom the problem is novel, taking flight or deep seated... for you who find yourself walking the tedious fine line; obesity is for many only a misstep away. Basic information you need to hear regularly, odd information you might not have heard before, considered or applied, and encouragement you never get enough of is inelegantly bound in the pages. Motivation comes abundantly in the form of heartening real-life vignettes and mild karate chops

 Haven't made up your mind yet? Read an excerpt

267 pages, 6x9 paperback, indexed, weight training glossary

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