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Dan John
Intervention DVD

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Intervention is available in the following formats: in print, in ebook, in audio book, in dvd and in downloadable video.

Dan John DVD:
Course Corrections for the Athlete and Trainer

Dan also covers this material in his book Intervention, which you can find here.

You have two choices

  • Be lucky enough in middle school, junior high or early high school to be taught the step-by-step instructions in the Olympic lifts, powerlifting, kettlebells, tumbling, flexibility, mobility and basic body movements

  • Apply Intervention

  • For most of us, it is option two.

    And that is what makes Dan John popular: With a simple tool kit of questions and ideas, he can cut through all the clutter and nail down what YOU need to do to improve your fitness, health and performance.

    Prepare yourself for at least one moment of I canít believe I ignored this! and several moments of Well, of course...but why don't I do this?

    Intervention is literally taking the time to stop and rethink your approach to training. In addition, you will have clarity in helping others attain their goals and dreams. Oh, it's simple. But it is not easy! This is the tool kit to take you from "here to there" in the exercise world.

    This is a 3-disc DVD set, 3.5 hours of lecture, and includes Dan's handouts and an expanded thoughts PDF of his writing since filming the workshop.

    Plus, a transcript of the lecture and an MP3 audio file of the full workshop is included on the DVD!

    The videos are also available for instant download in a ZIP file containing the MP4s, plus the DVDs extras, that you can save on your computer and burn to disc, $45.00.

    Included as Intervention
    3-discs of workshop lecture
    Coyote Point Kettlebell Club Primer PDF
    Dan John 40-Day Program PDF
    Health Tip Sheet PDF
    Dan John Standards, Simple Warmups & Complexes PDF
    Expanding on Intervention PDF
    Intervention Examples PDF
    Intervention Flowchart PDF
    Intervention Tool Kit PDF
    The Dan John Quadrants PDF
    Full Intervention workshop transcript PDF
    Full Intervention audio mp3 file

    Disc One: 75 minutes
    Introduction to Intervention
    The Health Lights System
    The Fitness Spiral
    Absolute Strength
    The Impact of a Strength Coach

    Disc Two: 67 minutes
    Age: Hypertrophy & Joint Mobility
    Basic Human Movements
    HAT, Hinge Assessment Tool
    Squat Patterning
    Loaded Carries
    Slow Strength, Grinds
    The Four Steps
    Asymmetrical Training

    Disc Three: 70 minutes
    The Triad Combinations
    Rep Rules
    Corrective Exercises
    Scheduling Correctives, Strength and Skills
    Programming the Elements
    Example of Programming for an Elite Athlete
    Other Programming Examples
    Practicing Intervention
    The Warmups
    The Intervention Tool Kit

    Intervention tells the strength coach or self-coaching athlete exactly what to do. Brilliant in its logic, simplicity, and comprehensiveness. ~Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Enter the Kettlebell!

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