Dan John<br>Perfecting Your Kettlebell Form DVD

Dan John
Perfecting Your Kettlebell Form DVD

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Second in the four-part DVD set, Dan's kettlebell technique session taught a group of attendees subtle differences in technique. The changes Dan teaches in this 75-minute DVD will significantly affect your kettlebell training results.

You'll perfect your form of the two most important RKC exercises
The Hardstyle Swing
The Kalos Sthenos Get-up to Hips-High

The Program Minimum & Minimum Minimum
Dan's Hip Displacement Continuum
Why Swings Hurt Your Back
Hardstyle Method Review
Rotator Cuff Stress
Joint Mobility Issues
Mark Cheng's Four Knots
The Chain-Link Fence
Kenneth Jay's VO2-Max
The Snatch
Spiked Swings
Towel Swings
Planks, Done Right!
RDL Stretch Position
Quarterback Hike Stretch

If you'd like to order the other three dvds, click here to order for the discounted 4-DVD set, $99.

Would you rather have the downloadable file than pay for the physical product plus shipping? Click here for the downloadable product page.

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