Dan John<br>Philosophy of Strength Training DVD

Dan John
Philosophy of Strength Training DVD

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In this two-dvd lecture (2 hrs, 18 min), strength coach Dan John covers what he considers the most important aspects of strength training for the athlete, as well as the general fitness enthusiast.

Told with humor and great insight, you'll learn:

~ The Role of the Strength Coach
~ Levels of Strength Coaching
~ How a Home Trainer Becomes His Own Coach
~ The Influence of Strength Coaching on Performance
~ Strength and Athletic Performance
~ How to Narrow Your Training Focus
~ Systematic vs Systemic Learning
~ Setting a Non-Competitive Training Goal
~ Phasic vs Tonic Muscles
~ How to Stay Youthful while Aging
~ Movements, Not Muscles
~ Dan's Hip Displacement Continuum

Find out why Coach John is considered the go-to guy by top fitness professionals when they want to know what really works in strength and conditioning: It's because he knows, and he teaches it well.

Also on this dvd, you'll find his chalkboard slides and seminar handouts via pdf files accessible from your computer.

This is the first of four dvds from the June 2009 Utah workshop weekend. The others, Olympic Lifting Basics, Perfecting Your Kettlebell Form, and Warm-ups, Workouts and Barbell Complexes, are available at the link below.

If you'd like to order the other three dvds, click here to order for the discounted 4-DVD set, $99.

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