Dan John<br>Olympic Lifting for Beginners DVD

Dan John
Olympic Lifting for Beginners DVD

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In part three of the four DVDs from the Utah workshop weekend, we get a taste of Dan John's instruction for beginning Olympic weightlifting. Our original idea was this would be primarily for adults who've never lifted Olympic-style, and it's certainly that, however one of the attendees is a competitive Olympic lifting, who told me a couple of Dan's tips changed her lifting forever. So I'm thinking anyone interested in Olympic lifting will get something out of this one.

As I did last time for the kettlebell dvd and the time prior for the strength lecture, I pulled a couple of clips from the dvd to give you a taste of what went on during our time with Dan. First, let's look at his take on pulling through the heels.

In this 80-minute DVD, Dan taught:

Now here's one of value to everyone, even those without interest specifically in Olympic lifting: How to get wrist flexibility.

Having been at the event and as an adult with absolutely no Olympic lifting experience, I can tell you I left feeling fairly confident in my ability to snatch and jerk... a short piece of PVC pipe.

Seriously, it left me and the rest of the attendees with plenty of enthusiasm for learning the O lifts, and enough technique tips to give us a start on our own at home. I think it will do the same for you. ~Laree

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