Dan John<br>Warm-ups, Workouts & Complexes DVD

Dan John
Warm-ups, Workouts & Complexes DVD

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90 minutes of new training ideas!

We're now set with part four of Dan's IronOnline workshop, the final DVD of the series, in which he shows us his sample warm-ups, a few workout varieties, and his famous barbell complexes. Trust me, these aren't your regular Bomber bodypart splits, although over the decades Dave's done his share of barbell rows, presses and dumbbell farmer walks, and he's probably also done our share.

One of Dan's key phrases here was, "The warm-up is the workout," and as he puts our crew through the paces, you'll see how he can make that claim! He also uses members of the audience to demonstrate new movements, or to show his corrections when we went astray.

Here he uses Elke to show, as he tells the story and gives guidance on Koji squats, which I'm assuming you haven't seen before.

Dan shows his daily favorites:
Gait Warm-up
Goblet Squat & Bootstrapper Squat
Hip Flexor Stretch & RDL Stretch
Plank Series
Horizontal Shrugs
Maxercist and Parked Rows
Crocodile Pushups
Heartbeat Squat
Kalos Sthenos Getup
Ab Circuit
Star Plank
Barbell Complexes
A full warm-up series
Sample workouts, insights and more

Includes pdf handouts of the sample workouts, warmups and barbell complexes

And in this clip, Dan's pal Josh Vert performs the deadbug series, again with Dan at the controls.

This is a DVD you'll watch over and over for new training ideas -- from a variety in the warm-up, to quick-moving barbell complexes to several ways to make your workouts more interesting, with a selection of exercises you've never seen, Dan puts it all together to get you moving.

If you'd like to order the other three dvds, click here to order for the discounted 4-DVD set, $99.

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