Dave Whitley<br>Kettlebell Fundamentals DVD

Dave Whitley
Kettlebell Fundamentals DVD

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Deepening Your Getup Skills

Single-hand pressing as well as Dave does allows him to teach it in a way that works for everyone. He'll use the movements of the Turkish getup, the windmill and various bent press progressions to show you how to gain true strength that's balanced from side to side.

Dave will cover and demonstrate
~ How to use the kettlebell as a tool to teach movement
~ The getup as the foundation for grinding kettlebell lifts
~ A step-by-step breakdown of the bent press
~ Bent press partner drills
~ Kneeling press drills
~ Bridging movements and needs
~ The armbar and the crooked armbar
~ How to safely boost your pressing ability
~ A thorough analysis of the getup
~ How the getup is fundamental to pressing movements

"If you appreciate the health and strength benefits of the kettlebell get-up, you will add another layer of sophistication to your practice with David Whitley's Deepening Your Get-up Skills."--Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Enter the Kettlebell!

Specifically, you'll see:
Sequence of the get-up
Discussion of the lats to the glutes
Gait, the get-up and bridging
Palms, half-kneeling and windmill
Mobility and stability in the getup
The armbar
The crooked arm bar
The kneeling press
The bent press
The bent press partner drill

Dave also discusses mobility and stability needs of the getup, how to assess these, and how to gain more of both. You'll learn how the lats and glutes work together, and how the getup resembles gait -- and how to fix it when it doesn't.

This live seminar DVD is 1 hour, 11 minutes. The other sessions from this workshop are also on DVD:

Mark Reifkind's Lats, the Super Muscles
Dave Whitley's Lessons from the Old-Time Strongmen
Tracy Reifkind's Swing Progressions

You can also order this 4-DVD workshop as a set and save $30.80

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