Dan John<br>Intervention Downloadable Video Disc 3

Dan John
Intervention Downloadable Video Disc 3

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Intervention is available in the following formats: in print, in ebook, in audio book, in dvd and in downloadable video.

This is the downloadable file for the Intervention video, Disc Three. No DVD will be shipped.

The download is a 449MB ZIP file containing the MP4 format of disc 3 of the DVD set, plus the same 9 PDF files as are included in the Disc 1 and 2 downloads. You will be able to store this on your computer, or burn it to disc.

Please note: This is not a physical product and does not include the MP3 audio file or transcript pdf, which is available separately or as part of the physical DVD package. Please click here for the physical DVD set, which includes the MP3 and transcript pdf material, or for more information on the lecture, including sample video clips.

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