Mark Reifkind<br> Lats: the Super Muscles DVD

Mark Reifkind
Lats: the Super Muscles DVD

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In this workshop DVD, Rif introduces the basics of lat kinesiology, and teach the steps needed to build a powerful back. Once you understand how the lats work, you can build strength, size and pushing and pulling power. You'll finish this DVD with a new appreciation for this powerful, often-neglected muscle group.

In this live seminar DVD, you will learn:

~ Latissimus Dorsi: A brief anatomy and kinesiology lesson -- Where they are and what they do
~ Lats and the kettlebell swing
~ How to use your lats to really put power in your swing
~ Lats and the kettlebell press -- How to increase your pressing power and save your shoulders using this super muscle
~ How to build your lats with the kettlebell press -- Build your lat size and strength as you strengthen your overhead press
~ Pull-up power: How to use the kettlebell press to
~ increase your pull-up strength and endurance
~ How to use your lats properly in the barbell bench press
~ The secret to the most popular barbell lift of all
~ Row, row, row your lats -- Use the horizontal bodyweight row to up your strength in the bench press and build your wing size
~ You've tightened them, now stretch them out -- Learn how to stretch and open up these big crucial back muscles

"A strength professional uses his lats in a sophisticated manner in bench presses, military presses, deadlifts and other lifts--and reaps the rewards of greater strength and shoulder and back health. No one is more qualified to teach you this elite subtle skill than Mark Reifkind, which he does exceptionally well in Lats: the Super Muscles."
--Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Enter the Kettlebell!

Specifically, you’ll see Mark teach:
Lats kiniesiology
Finding the lats
The deadlift
Pendulum drills
Swing concepts
Overspeed eccentrics
Kettlebell clean and squeeze
Plank techniques
The press
Rack walks
Press and pull timing
Floor drills and pressing
Pressing, 2-up drill
Horizontal press
Stretching the lats

This is the DVD you’ll wish you’d seen at the beginning of your strength career. Luckily, it’s not too late!

This live seminar DVD is 1 hour, 31 minutes. The other sessions from this workshop are also on DVD:

Tracy Reifkind's Swing Progressions
Dave Whitley's Lessons from the Old-Time Strongmen
Dave Whitley's Kettlebell Fundamentals: Deepening Your Getup Skills

You can also order this 4-DVD workshop as a set and save $30.80

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