Tracy Reifkind<br>Swing Progressions DVD

Tracy Reifkind
Swing Progressions DVD

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Programming the Kettlebell Swing
This is also available as a digital download, here

Few people use the swing to its full potential -- in this live workshop DVD, Tracy will show you how to do just that. From individuals looking for a basic conditioning progression to instructors who need a variety of intense kettlebell routines, this DVD will cover all the angles. You'll be blown away by the variety possible using this simple movement.

The kettlebell swing is without a doubt the most important of all the kettlebell exercises, but who really knows how to train it properly? For most trainees, this is a throwaway move, done at the end of the workout for minimal reps in a hurry to get into the more "exciting" movements of the snatch, clean and press and jerks.

But Tracy Reifkind has changed all that with her original kettlebell choreography and progressions method demonstrating how to use just the basic kettlebell swing for an almost unlimited number of routines and intensity increases.

"If you searching an brutally effective fat loss and conditioning regimen, you have found it: Programming the Swing. I was so impressed with Tracy Reifkind's innovations that I am incorporating some them into the RKC curriculum."—Pavel Tsatsouline, Chief RKC Instructor

Learn how to program the kettlebell swing for the ultimate in muscular and cardiovascular conditioning with just a few basic progressions.
Learn how to maximize the most basic and important kettlebell exercise for the most efficient results possible.
Included on the workshop DVD: Tracy's progressions handout pdf

Specifically, you'll see:
Discovering rep pace
Programming the two-hand swing
Increasing set duration
One-hand touch swings
Rif's swings technique
Workload progressions
Swing Transfers
Tracy's Roundabout
Swinging a heavier 'bell
A 15-minute sample swings workout

PLUS! 40-minute Q&A session after the day-long workshop with the panel consisting of presenters Mark Reifkind, Dave Whitley and Tracy Reifkind. If you have any questions about kettlebell swings, the panel has the answers.

They discuss:
Swing styles
Swing drills
The "float"
Eye position and the spine
Barbell vs kettlebell: Which is better?
Kettlebell pressing
Safety in swinging

This is a 2-DVD set, 1 hour, 34 minutes in a live swings programming workshop with Tracy, and a 40-minute panel Q&A session featuring Tracy, her husband, Master RKC Mark Reifkind, and Master RKC Dave Whitley. The workshop session begins with a short introduction, then moves quickly to audience participation. During the rest breaks, Tracy discusses the coming progressions and the reasoning, and the audience again gets in the action. You'll want to follow along with your kettlebell, with a notepad nearby.

The other sessions from this workshop are also on DVD:
Mark Reifkind's Lats, the Super Muscles
Dave Whitley's Lessons from the Old-Time Strongmen
Dave Whitley's Kettlebell Fundamentals: Deepening Your Getup Skills

You can also order this 4-DVD workshop as a set and save $30.80

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