Mark Cheng<br>Prehab/Rehab 101<br>The Groundwork Progressions DVD

Mark Cheng
Prehab/Rehab 101
The Groundwork Progressions DVD

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Progressions To Build Your Athletic Movement Bank and Unlock Greater Performance

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If you’re able to master the inventory of movement that your sport or activities require, you’ll be able to do more with your body without increasing the risk of injury.

That’s what the progressions in Prehab-Rehab 101 will help you achieve. They’ll help you or your clients master a rich inventory of movement that will raise the body’s ability to handle athletic demands without compromise or increased risk of injury.

Whether you’re a professional basketball player, a fighter, a Crossfitter, a P90Xer, a high school athlete, someone coming back from an injury, or someone trying to get back into shape, these progressions will help shore up the weak links in your kinetic chain, and help you move better and more powerfully.

The progressions are based on the neurodevelopmental hierarchy we humans follow, and will help you and your clients support their bodies and move in progressively demanding positions in both life and sport.

The Five Groundwork Positions

In the DVD, Mark Cheng will explain and demonstrate five positions—

These five positions will be shown in high detail and you will be given the tools you need to break these exercises down and use them with your clients, athletes and patients.

If you’re already familiar with the FMS or the SFMA, these are progressions you can use as you already understand the screens or the assessments, and want to better understand how to apply certain correctives or certain fundamental movement patterns.

The workshop itself is conducted in a small group setting. Mark runs through each position with three practicing pain and rehabilitation professionals: Dr. MaryAnne Harrington, Dr. Cody Dimak and Dr. Jimmy Yuan. The unrehearsed nature of the recording, with real people, demonstrates how Mark coaches people with different body types and different strengths and weaknesses.

Whether you’re a clinician dealing with pain and rehabilitation, or a coach wanting to improve performance with your athletes, these progressions will help you unlock the higher performance and breakthroughs in rehabilitation that can get your athletes, patients and clients the results they’re looking for.

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Video Duration: 104 minutes, 2 discs

In addition to the high-quality edited video recording of the presentation, you’ll get—

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If you want to unlock higher performance in your athletes, patients and clients, get Mark Cheng’s Prehab-Rehab 101 and start working through his five groundwork progressions today.

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