Pearl & Draper<br>Seminar Downloadable Video

Pearl & Draper
Seminar Downloadable Video

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75 minutes of Bill Pearl and Dave Draper answering a broad range of questions from IronOnline Bash attendees, and a dozen minutes with Ed Corney as he joins in the conversation for the fun of it. Three cameras captured this one-time event for the history books -- this is a video you'll watch again and again!

This is the downloadable video of the Bill Pearl & Dave Draper live Q&A Seminar, 2005, in Santa Cruz, California.

It comes as a downloadable MP4 format, file size 1.6GB, in a ZIP file. The ZIP file includes the conversation transcript pdf recorded the following month.

If you prefer the physical dvd, please click here to go to to order the physical DVD, $29.95 while supplies last.

You also can order the conversation transcript
as a downloadable pdf for $3.49, here.


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