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Thomas Plummer Training Business Video

Thomas Plummer, founder of the National Fitness Business Alliance, shows you how turn your passion for fitness into a business that will support and reward you financially. Thomas will show you what you need to know if you are thinking of start a fitness business, and what to do if you already have a fitness business that isn’t making the money you need and want it to make.


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Product Description

by Thomas Plummer

Thomas Plummer Training Business Video — Thomas Plummer Business Lecture — Training Gym Business

“Anyone can build a gym: A space and a pile of equipment, mirrors and a desk. Try our two-for-one special, this week only. Very few can build a gym business, manage it and make it flourish. Thomas Plummer can, and he will tell you how, and without fail or failure.” ~Dave Draper, Mr. America, Mr. World. Mr. Universe

If you’re like most fitness professionals, you got into this field because you’re passionate about fitness and helping people live better lives.

But if you’re thinking about owning and running your own fitness business, passion alone—no matter how great—is NOT enough to guarantee success.

Owning and running a successful fitness business requires more than passion, and it requires more than just being the world’s best trainer.

Whether you call it a gym, club or training center, at the end of the day, you’re running a fitness business.

And if you want to be a financially successful business owner, you have to be willing to run it like one…every single day.

Succeed in the Business of Fitness with the Help of an Expert

Thomas Plummer is the founder of the National Fitness Business Alliance (NFBA), and is a renowned fitness business expert, having put over 100,000 people through his business seminars. He’s also sold over 100,000 books on running and managing a fitness business.

Over the past 30 years, he’s helped all types of fitness business owners turn around their fortunes—from individual owners of small gyms, to some of the biggest chains in the world doing over $300 million a year in revenue.

Thom has been a trainer, salesperson, manager and owner of multiple fitness businesses. He understands all aspects of the business, and is keenly aware of how things have changed over the years.

Running and owning a fitness business is hard, but if there’s one person who can get you off to the best possible start, and give you the business advice you need to succeed in today’s fitness industry, it’s Thomas Plummer.

In The Business of Training, the fitness industry’s top business adviser will teach you how the training business REALLY works, how the industry is changing, and how to build a thriving and financially successful fitness business in this changing environment.

Learn What it Takes to Run a Successful Fitness Business

In The Business of Training, Thomas will show you what it takes to run a successful fitness business, including—

  • How training has changed from the 1980s focus on bodybuilding, and how it will continue to change
  • How to develop a profitable pricing system that makes your business sustainable and more attractive to clients
  • How much successful businesses are making, and the business model they use that allows them to reach this income level
  • How to build a business you can sell, and why you need to think about that upfront
  • How to raise money to start your fitness business
  • Negotiating property leases and purchases: what you should know
  • What to consider when starting your own business
  • How to put together a business plan
  • Planning the layout of your gym: what size, equipment and facilities you need in order to be attractive to clients, and to maximize return on your investment
  • How Thom runs his gyms: classes, trainers, sales, finance, and more
  • How he markets gyms
  • Your role and responsibility as a business owner
  • and much more

The Business of Training is NOT aimed at personal trainers. This DVD is designed to equip people who own or are thinking of owning a fitness business with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful.

If you’re starting, or thinking of starting a fitness business, Thom will show you the everyday realities of the gym business, and will tell you what you need to consider and sort out BEFORE you open up the business. You’ll have more confidence when starting and running your fitness business, and save thousands in avoided mistakes.

If you already have a fitness business, but it isn’t producing the profit you need, The Business of Training will show you where you’re going wrong. He’ll give you the business models and systems you can start applying right now to start making money from a struggling gym.

Let Thom show you how to make more money, free up more time to spend with your family, take more vacations to relax and recharge, reach more people with your business, and build a thriving business that supports the lives of the trainers you employ.

Get Your Copy Today

If you’re thinking of starting a fitness business, or would like to turn your existing fitness business around, there’s nobody better qualified to help you than Thomas Plummer. Get The Business of Training today, and equip yourself with the knowledge you need to start and manage a successful fitness business that gives you the lifestyle and income you want.


In addition to the high-quality edited video recording of the presentation, you’ll get—

  • Full Audio Recordings of the presentation in MP3 format
  • Full Transcripts of the presentation in PDF format
  • NFBA: So you want to open a fitness business—a 36-page PDF
  • Dan John : The Second Millennium, Goal Setting—a 25-minute MP3 audio recording, accompanied by a 6-page PDF transcript. Normally $3.95
  • Gray Cook: Developing A Movement Philosophy—a 43-minute MP3 audio recording, accompanied by a 11-page PDF transcript. Normally $4.95
  • Lee Burton: The History of the Functional Movement Screen—a 22-minute MP3 audio recording, accompanied by a 6-page PDF transcript
  • Thomas Plummer interviews Chris Poirier of Perform Better—a 12-minute MP4 video recording
  • Thomas Plummer interviews Dan John—a 16-minute MP4 video recording
  • Thomas Plummer interviews Gray Cook—a 10-minute MP4 video recording
  • Thomas Plummer interviews Lee Burton—a 9-minute MP4 video recording

PLUS more bonuses only when you buy from On Target Publications!

  • Alwyn Cosgrove: Designing Semi-Private Training Programs—a 27-minute MP3 audio recording accompanied by a 7-page PDF transcript. Normally $3.95
  • Dan John: Training The Middle-Age Client—a 52-minute MP3 audio recording, accompanied by a 12-page PDF transcript. Normally $5.95
  • Thomas Plummer interviews Dan John – Part Two—a 13-minute MP4 video recording

Who Benefits?

Trainers and coaches interested in starting a training gym or making an existing gym more financially viable


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Product FAQ

The physical DVD is 2 discs—a 108-minute lecture, plus 48 minutes of interviews.

The digital video contains the same material as the physical DVD, but is available for either immediate download or streaming video.


The physical DVD will ship from the warehouse in Kansas on the business day following your order.

The digital video is delivered instantly via download from a digital dashboard here on as soon as your order is placed.