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Mark Snow: Using the FMS in a Group Fitness or Bootcamp Class

The typical fitness client is tired of what most big box gyms offer. Mark Snow observes and discusses the weaknesses of cookie cutter programs and proposes...

Mike Boyle: How to Build a Successful Training Business

Mike Boyle gives you an indispensable primer covering the oft-overlooked basics of building a successful training business.

Growing a fitness business, with Thom Plummer

The Fitness Business: Let’s Make a Good Living

Your timing to get into the fitness business could not be better. In the 40-some years of modern fitness, there’s never been a better time to be a fitness professional. The small trai...

Jerry Scarlato: Fitness Marketing – Three Priorities for Trainers

Trainer and fitness center owner Jerry Scarlato answers the go-to questions about getting started in personal training, rising above your competition and bringing attention to your abil...

Attract a Steady Stream of New Clients Using Facebook Ads

Need more clients? Read this article to learn how to get more Getting a steady stream quality leads is big challenge for many businesses. And yet, it remains an essential element of run...

Thom Plummer: Building a Successful Fitness Business

When you combine Dave’s 55-year history haunting various gyms around the world with his unusual insight into training flow to design a bodybuilding gym, the resulting space has all th...


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