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Chris Holder: Training Failure – When to Push Young Athletes and When to Wait

From a coaching perspective, you never want to see your athlete fail . . . but many young athletes seemingly set themselves up for training failure. Chris ...

Glenn Pendlay: The Texas Method

You may have heard of the Texas Method, but do you know the story behind it? Glenn Pendlay tells you about his program, where it originated and how cheating played a part in its creatio...

Dan John: Ramping Up — Training Rules for the Big Push

Whatever your goal, there comes a time for the ‘big push.’ Dan John provides you the tools and training rules to ramp up your performance when it counts.

Chris Holder: Breaking Down Coaching Instruction

Coaching is an art form. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Chris Holder breaks down coaching instruction to uncover what makes great coaches . . . great.

Dave Whitley: The Art of Perfect Practice

Strongman Dave Whitley takes on some of the famous aphorisms about practice, discusses the wrong way to practice and leads you to the right way.

Chris Holder: Coaching with Confidence to Share Knowledge and Experience

Chris Holder reflects on 20 years of collegiate strength coaching experience and provides wisdom and guidance regarding knowledge, communication and building positive relationships with...

Dan John: Strength Coaching Athletes

Training wisdom from Dan John: strength coaching athletes isn't always about the weight room. Sometimes you have to get inside their heads.

Dan John: Alignment

Dan John discusses the simple beauty of alignment and why it must be a common theme and vital requirement in sport and fitness.

Adjusting a workout program, Vince McConnell

Vince McConnell: The Best Damn Training Program, Period (Relatively Speaking)

There are two key words omitted from any advice on the best training program that are absolutely essential: “Relatively speaking.” It's all in finding what your body needs to respon...

Dan John: 5 Basic Human Movements

Dan John: 5 Basic Human Movements

Dan John discusses the 5 basic human movements: Push, pull, hinge, squat and loaded carry and prioritizes their impact on strength training. What do you do in the weight room?

A Philosophy of Strength Training DVD Video Clips

Dan John’s A Philosophy of Strength Training Workshop Video In this clip Dan discusses the role of strength in competitive athletics. Here he answers a question on goal setting f...


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