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This is a discounted bundle of our products most related to the education of breathing and using breathing drills.

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VideoSue Falsone The Cervical Thoracic Junction video – optional

The cervical thoracic junction is an easily overlooked area that can cause significant problems in the surrounding areas, including shoulder tension and neck pain. Sue Falsone takes her experience working with high caliber athletes and demonstrates practical exercises and strategies you can use to alleviate problems in this area of the body.

VideoMark Cheng Prehab Rehab 101 – optional

In Prehab Rehab 101, Mark Cheng demonstrates five fundamental groundwork progressions. These progressions are based on the neurodevelopmental hierarchy and will ensure that your clients have a solid foundation before moving onto more demanding physical activities.

LectureBreathing Assessments, David Whitley – optional

In this discussion of breathing, Iron Tamer Dave Whitley provides first an overview of the breath, then covers three basic breath drills to teach how to regain diaphragmatic breathing. You'll learn crocodile breathing, power breathing and recovery breathing, and be able to use these tools immediately.

LectureUnderstanding Breathing, Jason Green – optional

In this lecture, Jason Green covers the basics of why coaching breathing is so important to the fitness practitioner. You'll learn the value of breathing, a brief explanation of breathing chemistry, and an overview of how to observe breathing in your clients, patients and athletes.

LectureRespiration and The Musculoskeletal System, Tom Solecki – optional

In this short lecture, Tom Solecki, a chiropractic physician and educator who specializes in functional rehabilitation, covers respiration and some of the mechanics and effects of respiration on the musculoskeletal system. He discusses the biomechanics of breathing, how breathing is necessary for the exchange and perfusion of oxygen, and how it plays an integral role in stabilization of the spine.

From: $0.00

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This is a discounted collection of our products most related to the education of breathing and using breathing drills. You can choose all or some of the elements above.

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