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LectureCraig Liebenson & Gray Cook, Janda: Upper and Lower Crossed Syndromes – optional

This discussion begins with references to the Upper- and Lower-Crossed Syndromes, and weaves its way through coaching, competitive sports and clinical patient treatment. Spend a half-hour listening in as Gray Cook and Craig Liebenson talk about what they learned from the work of Vladimir Janda and others, and how they developed that learning into something more.

LectureCraig Liebenson & Stuart McGill Pain Research - From The Lab to The Trenches – optional

This intriguing conversation, recorded at the Perform Better Chicago conference July 2012 between Stuart McGill and Craig Liebenson, gives us a glimpse into the recent and forthcoming back pain research coming out of Dr. McGill's Spine Biomechanics Lab.

LectureCraig Liebenson & Charlie Weingroff SFMA & DNS, Can We Marry Them? – optional

In a casual conversation that moves quickly between the Nike SPARQ program over to DNS, through the FMS and into the SFMA, Craig Liebenson leads Charlie Weingroff in a recap of his current thinking on a wide range of topics.

LectureCraig Liebenson & Gray Cook Talk about Function – optional

This is the first in a series of dialogs between Gray Cook, PT, and Craig Liebenson, DC, in which they share their insights about the origins and evolution of functional movement assessment.

LectureCraig Liebenson & Gray Cook Misunderstandings about The FMS and SFMA – optional

In this conversation, Craig Liebenson asks Gray Cook the questions he has, and has heard people ask, about movement screening and the medical model of the Functional Movement Screen. This is an in-depth conversation that will answer some of your biggest questions about screening, resetting and reinforcing as taught by Gray Cook.

VideoCraig Liebenson's Assessing Movement Lecture – optional

This is Craig Liebenson's lecture from the Assessing Movement event at Stanford University (disc five of the full day's video set).

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This is a collection of all of the Craig Liebenson items.

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