Dan John Lecture Bundle

This is a discounted set of ALL of Dan’s downloadable audio talks: Goal Setting, The Quadrants of Diet and Exercise, Elimination in Life, Challenges, Boomer Fitness, What Makes an Athlete Elite?, Blending Intervention and Can You Go & Fundamental Human Movements.


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goal setting, goal setting process, workout goals

LectureDan John, The Goal Setting Process – optional

Most of us, and probably all of your clients, don't have any trouble jumping on board with a new plan. Where we usually go wrong is when the enthusiasm wears thin and we discover there was no goal behind the big jump.

Dan John Quadrants - Bus Bench Vs Park Bench Workouts - Quandrants For Athletes

LectureDan John Quadrants of Diet And Exercise – optional

In this lecture, Dan John explains how to use his quadrants concept to combine diet and exercise programming. How do we balance hard dieting with hard training? Can it be done? For how long? You'll have a clear plan at the end of this talk.

Dan John Intermittent Fasting - Dan John Minimalism - Minimalism In Training

LectureDan John Intermittent Fasting, Elimination in Life – optional

Some people were surprised to see Dan John writing about his experiences with intermittent fasting, since in his early writing he wrote of the importance of breakfast. In this talk, he lays out his new ideas, including the concepts of elimination and deprivation.

Training Challenges - Bus Bench Training Program - Dan John Challenges

LectureTraining using Challenges, Dan John – optional

Personal and group challenges are one way Dan John creates bus-bench programming for himself and his athletes or clients. In this talk, he describes the philosophy behind these challenges, and offers a few examples.

Dan John Training Program - Training A Middle Age Client - Training Program For 50 Year Old

LectureTraining the Middle Age Client, Dan John – optional

In this talk, Dan John explains his thinking behind how he trains a middle-age client. What does a 50-year-old need or not need? What simple ideas can you put together for your aging clients? Dan gives you his sample programs, and tells you what to expect from these clients who can afford to pay you for your services, and will do it as long as you provide results.

What Makes An Athlete Elite - Dan John Elite Athlete - Training Elite Athletes

LectureDan John What Makes An Athlete Elite? – optional

In Dan John's decades-long coaching career, he's worked with a lot of elite athletes. In this talk, he drills down to the five main characteristics that make an athlete elite.

Dan John Human Movements - Fundamental Human Movements - The Body Is One Piece

LectureDan John, Fundamental Human Movements – optional

With this new material, strength coach Dan John discusses his current thinking on the fundamental human movements. Here he's talking not about so much about drills and body parts, but about an overriding concept that covers ideas such as pushing, pulling, hinging and work capacity.

Dan John A Lifelong Approach book

BookDan John A Lifelong Approach to Fitness Book – optional

This is a complete set of Dan John's lectures, collected and reformatted into an audio book with a companion ebook.

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