Dan John Intervention and Can You Go book bundle

Dan John Intervention + Can You Go? Book Bundle

Intervention and Can You Go? are perfect complements to each other. In Can You Go?, Dan John provides his simple, straightforward approach to assessments. In Intervention, he gives you a systematic approach to helping people get from where they are to where they need to be. Together, these two books will give you the tools to create effective training programs.

Dan John Blending Intervention & Can You Go - Dan John Book Lecture - Which Dan John Book Should I Get

LectureDan John Blending Intervention & Can You Go – optional

In this free talk, Dan John discusses the differences and similarities found in his two books, Intervention and Can You Go.

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BookDan John Can You Go? Assessments & Program Design Book – optional

In his book Can You Go, Dan John outlines the simple assessment tools he uses with athletes and ordinary people. His quick, straightforward assessment method will help you identify what your clients are lacking and what they should focus on in their training.

Dan John Intervention

BookDan John Intervention – optional

In Intervention, Dan John provides  a clear and systematic approach to coaching and training. From assessments, to rep schemes, to exercise selection, to exercise programming, Dan  covers it all and will give you step-by-step process for designing effective training programs for any and every person.

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