Dan John Ultimate Bundle

If you’re a Dan John fan, you will love the Ultimate Product Bundle. This bundle contains ALL of Dan John’s thought-provoking, bestselling books, lectures and videos on training and performance so you can continue to have your mind stretched by Dan’s philosophy, training ideas, tips and techniques.

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BookAttempts: Essays on Fitness, Health, Longevity and Easy Strength by Dan John – optional

Attempts is a collection of Dan John's newest essays on Easy Strength, health, and related issues

Book40 Years with a Whistle – optional

Dan John's new book, 40 Years with a Whistle, represents 40 years of coaching tips woven into a touching memoir of a coach's life.

BookDan John Now What? – optional

Dan John has been competing and lecturing about the art and science of strength coaching for 30 years and considers Now What? to be his best work. This book is the companion to his Now What? video, and the related books Intervention and Can You Go.

VideoDan John Now What Video – optional

After you finish your assessments, do you often find yourself wondering, now what? In his video presentation, Now What? After Assessment, Now What?, Dan will help you answer that important question.

BookDan John A Lifelong Approach to Fitness Book – optional

This is a complete set of Dan John's lectures, collected and reformatted into an audio book with a companion ebook.

BookDan John Before We Go – optional

Before We Go is a collection of Dan John's articles covering programming, fat loss, mass building, exercise selection, mobility, correctives and more. If you need fresh ideas to transform your training, this book is for you.

LectureDan John, Fundamental Human Movements – optional

With this new material, strength coach Dan John discusses his current thinking on the fundamental human movements. Here he's talking not about so much about drills and body parts, but about an overriding concept that covers ideas such as pushing, pulling, hinging and work capacity.

LectureDan John What Makes An Athlete Elite? – optional

In Dan John's decades-long coaching career, he's worked with a lot of elite athletes. In this talk, he drills down to the five main characteristics that make an athlete elite.

LectureTraining the Middle Age Client, Dan John – optional

In this talk, Dan John explains his thinking behind how he trains a middle-age client. What does a 50-year-old need or not need? What simple ideas can you put together for your aging clients? Dan gives you his sample programs, and tells you what to expect from these clients who can afford to pay you for your services, and will do it as long as you provide results.

LectureTraining using Challenges, Dan John – optional

Personal and group challenges are one way Dan John creates bus-bench programming for himself and his athletes or clients. In this talk, he describes the philosophy behind these challenges, and offers a few examples.

LectureDan John Intermittent Fasting, Elimination in Life – optional

Some people were surprised to see Dan John writing about his experiences with intermittent fasting, since in his early writing he wrote of the importance of breakfast. In this talk, he lays out his new ideas, including the concepts of elimination and deprivation.

LectureDan John Quadrants of Diet And Exercise – optional

In this lecture, Dan John explains how to use his quadrants concept to combine diet and exercise programming. How do we balance hard dieting with hard training? Can it be done? For how long? You'll have a clear plan at the end of this talk.

LectureDan John, The Goal Setting Process – optional

Most of us, and probably all of your clients, don't have any trouble jumping on board with a new plan. Where we usually go wrong is when the enthusiasm wears thin and we discover there was no goal behind the big jump.

VideoDan John, Chip Conrad A Systems Approach – optional

Chip Conrad and Dan John show you how to not only get better results from your training, but also rediscover your passion for it. In these two presentations, they discuss motivation, goal-setting and provide a principles-based approach to training to help you reach those goals as quickly as possible.

VideoGray Cook Dan John Essentials of Coaching – optional

Gray Cook and Dan John provide tools to identify and iron out weaknesses holding your clients back. Learn how to take the information you get from assessments and use it to prioritize components of your training for maximum effectiveness. Gray and Dan also provide exercise choices, drills and coaching tips so you can put what you learn into practice right away.

VideoDan John Perfecting Your Kettlebell Form, Kettlebell Drills Video – optional

Dan John's kettlebell technique session taught a group of workshop attendees subtle differences in technique, and these changes Dan teaches will significantly affect your kettlebell training results.

VideoDan John Olympic Lifting for Beginners – optional

In part three of the four videos from Dan John's Utah workshop weekend, we get a taste of his instruction for beginning Olympic weightlifting. Our original idea was this would be primarily for adults who've never lifted Olympic-style, and it's certainly that, however one of the attendees is a competitive Olympic lifter, who claimed a couple of Dan's tips changed her lifting forever.

VideoDan John Workout Programs, Warmups & Barbell Complexes Video – optional

This is part four of Dan's Utah workshop, the final DVD of the series, in which he shows his sample warm-ups, a few workout varieties, and his famous barbell complexes. Trust us, these aren't your regular bodypart splits.

VideoDan John Intervention Video – optional

In Intervention, Dan John provides you with a clear and systematic approach to coaching and training. From assessments to rep schemes, to exercise selection, to exercise programming, Dan covers it all, and gives you step-by-step process for designing effective training programs for any and every person.

VideoDan John Strength Philosophy Video – optional

In this lecture (2 hrs, 18 min), strength coach Dan John covers what he considers the most important aspects of strength training for the athlete, as well as the general fitness enthusiast.

VideoDan John Everything's Over My Head video – optional

This Over My Head collection rounds out what Dan John considers his three-part mission to get athletes to drag stuff, pick stuff off the ground and carry stuff overhead.

BookMass Made Simple, Weight Gain Program by Dan John – optional

Packing on muscle doesn’t have to be complicated. In Mass Made Simple, Dan John outlines a simple, straightforward 6-week bulking plan. Each week’s workouts are laid out for you in detail so you can spend less time thinking and more time in the gym building muscle.

BookDan John Never Let Go – optional

In Never Let Go, Coach Dan John breaks down the most complicated concepts of strength training and high-performance athletics in a no-nonsense, yet clever and motivating manner. This is a compilation of Dan's articles, where you’ll be exposed to an array new ideas and topics to supercharge your training, including workouts, programs, programming tips, recovery methods and more.

BookDan John Intervention book – optional

In Intervention, Dan John provides  a clear and systematic approach to coaching and training. From assessments, to rep schemes, to exercise selection, to exercise programming, Dan  covers it all and will give you step-by-step process for designing effective training programs for any and every person.

BookJosh Hillis and Dan John Fat Loss Happens on Monday – optional

Fat loss expert Josh Hillis teams up with strength coach Dan John to provide a clear, simple and realistic approach to fat loss. Start turning around your eating habits for good using Josh’s unique habit strategies, and then turbocharge your fat loss with the special fat loss exercise programs in the book.

BookDan John Can You Go – optional

In his book Can You Go, Dan John outlines the simple assessment tools he uses with athletes and ordinary people. His quick, straightforward assessment method will help you identify what your clients are lacking and what they should focus on in their training.

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