Dan John Utah Workshop Video Bundle

This is the discounted physical DVD set of Dan John’s Utah workshop video.

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VideoDan John Strength Philosophy Video – optional

In this lecture (2 hrs, 18 min), strength coach Dan John covers what he considers the most important aspects of strength training for the athlete, as well as the general fitness enthusiast.

VideoDan John Olympic Lifting for Beginners – optional

In part three of the four videos from Dan John's Utah workshop weekend, we get a taste of his instruction for beginning Olympic weightlifting. Our original idea was this would be primarily for adults who've never lifted Olympic-style, and it's certainly that, however one of the attendees is a competitive Olympic lifter, who claimed a couple of Dan's tips changed her lifting forever.

VideoDan John Perfecting Your Kettlebell Form, Kettlebell Drills Video – optional

Dan John's kettlebell technique session taught a group of workshop attendees subtle differences in technique, and these changes Dan teaches will significantly affect your kettlebell training results.

VideoDan John Workout Programs, Warmups & Barbell Complexes Video – optional

This is part four of Dan's Utah workshop, the final DVD of the series, in which he shows his sample warm-ups, a few workout varieties, and his famous barbell complexes. Trust us, these aren't your regular bodypart splits.

From: $0.00

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This is a discounted collection of Dan John’s Utah Workshop video products. It’s a mix of both digital and physical items, and you can order either or both editions. You can choose all or some of the elements above.