David Weck, WeckMethod, Head Over Foot™

In this free lecture, David Weck, creator of the BOSU and WeckMethod, describes his program and tells why it’s important in your training.


Product Description

In this free lecture, David Weck, creator of the BOSU® Balance Trainer and WeckMethod, describes his new program and explains why it’s important in your training and in programming for your athletes. This presentation is called Head Over Foot, and is about how we use rotational power—what he calls “The Coiling Core.” David explains how elite athletes do this instinctively, and advises us of the value in regaining this natural rotational movement.

It’s about power; it’s about balance and it’s about trusting your athletic instinct.

The presentation was originally a powerpoint video, which we’ve converted to audio and text. The full video is also below.

“It’s about mastering the vertical movements and rotational movements of the body. Every movement, athletic or otherwise, stems from these two forms of motion.”  ~ David Weck

Note: This free lecture download includes an mp3 audio file and a typeset transcript. If you prefer, you can watch the video here.


David Weck is the creator of the BOSU® Balance Trainer, Both Side Utilized Training, and other unique training implements and ideas. David now comes to us with his new program, WeckMethod. For more information about the training, please visit WeckMethod.com.

Who Benefits?

Coaches, trainers and athletes who want to understand rotation


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Duration: 32 minutes; Transcript: 14 pages; Mp3 file size: 58 MBs

This is a digital product with immediate access to download. There is no physical version of this product.