Emily Splichal, Optimizing Proprioceptive Stimulation in Fall Reduction Programming

In this lecture, podiatrist Emily Splichal tells us how to optimize proprioception for fall reduction programming.


Product Description

Emily Splichal Proprioceptive Stimulation — Stabilization and Gait — Reduction of Falls in Seniors

Participants in the training and health care fields are becoming increasingly attentive to falls among seniors, and therefore to fall reduction programming. Podiatrist and barefoot training expert Emily Splichal prepared this lecture to address this need, in particular to discuss the current sensory stimulation research, proprioceptive stimulation and gait changes—especially the automaticity of gait. This information will be useful to those training athletes who need proprioceptive skills in addition to the senior population.

“We’re going to be exploring the concept of proprioception, different styles of proprioception, and the important role proprioceptive stimulation has in fall reduction programming.

“I spend a lot of my work focusing on how sensory stimulation and sensory input is the foundation of movement mechanics and proper movement coordination. Even though we’re focusing on fall reduction specific programming, you can apply these concepts to your athletes, with any of your clients, with yourself regardless of age. This is not just applicable or pertinent to those baby boomers or to those clients who are at risk of falling.” ~ Emily Splichal


  • Baby boomers and falls
  • Speed of locomotion and stride length
  • Cognitive vs automatic gait
  • Prefrontal cortical activity in gait and activity
  • Proprioceptive and tactile somatosensory research
  • Fast vs slow adapting proprioceptors
  • Tuning in the feet
  • What is Naboso Technology
  • Textured insoles
  • Automaticity of movement


Emily Splichal is a podiatric doctor and movement specialist who works primarily with foot posture and foot strength, both clinically and in teaching workshops worldwide. She’s a barefoot training enthusiast who teaches classes and trainings in barefoot training and postural alignment, and is the inventor of Naboso Technology. For more from Emily, visit her at evidencebasedfitnessacademy.com, or click here for more about her book, Barefoot Strong: Unlock the Secrets to Movement Longevity.

Who Benefits?

Trainers or clinicians who work with seniors as well as those working with athletes who need proprioceptive skills


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