Emily Splichal, Interoception—The Art of Controlling Emotion with Motion

In this lecture, podiatrist Emily Splichal explains the difference between proprioception and interoception


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Emily Splichal Interoception — Motion & Emotion — Proprioception and Interoception

“Interoception is a powerful application of the fascial system. The part of the fascial system that interoception is connected to is the visceral fascial system. It is linked to the gut to brain access and kind of a gut intuition—a gut feeling you may have. That is linked to interoception.

That is the emotional side of the fascial system. This is very powerful and important to all movement specialists because you cannot create or deal with movement without thinking of the emotional response it evokes. We’re dealing with people, with human beings who are very complex, and emotions are a continuous exploration we’re undergoing.

The mind and nervous system are constantly doing little reassessments to understand where the body is in a homeostatic place. That is a key element I often speak about with fascia, with movement: The body is constantly seeking homeostasis, or a balance, a harmony.

That’s from a proprioceptive human movement perspective, but it’s also from a feeling and emotional state as well. It’s going to tie into the autonomic nervous system, where a lot of people are sitting in “fight or flight” states because the body is not feeling homeostasis. That creates an emotional state.” ~ Emily Splichal


  • Fascia, proprioception and interoception
  • Emotion, anxiety and depression
  • Emotional awareness
  • Body alignment awareness
  • The four emotions
  • Mind/body vs body/mind approach
  • Exteroception vs interoception
  • Developing interoceptive awareness
  • The vagus nerve
  • Laban Movement Analysis
  • Types of movement stimulus
  • Developing vagal tone
  • Using the power of awareness


Emily Splichal is a podiatric doctor and movement specialist who works primarily with foot posture and foot strength, both clinically and in teaching workshops worldwide. She’s a barefoot training enthusiast who teaches classes and trainings in barefoot training and postural alignment, and is the inventor of Naboso Technology. For more from Emily, visit her at evidencebasedfitnessacademy.com, or click here for more about her book, Barefoot Strong: Unlock the Secrets to Movement Longevity.

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People who would like to understand the difference between proprioception and interoception


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