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LectureEmily Splichal, Interoception—The Art of Controlling Emotion with Motion – optional

In this lecture, podiatrist Emily Splichal explains the difference between proprioception and interoception

LectureEmily Splichal, Optimizing Proprioceptive Stimulation in Fall Reduction Programming – optional

In this lecture, podiatrist Emily Splichal tells us how to optimize proprioception for fall reduction programming.

LectureThe Gait Cycle & Propulsion, Emily Splichal – optional

Emily Splichal has a passion for teaching barefoot training. Her goal in this lecture is to teach you how to integrate corrective exercise techniques or strategies to optimize the propulsive phase of gait in your clients, athletes and patients.

LectureAnkle Stability and Proprioception, Emily Splichal – optional

When asked about ankle stability training, most people think of wobble boards and other forms of balance training. Podiatrist Emily Splichal flips that idea in this discussion of how proprioceptive training works, then provides her suggestions for building a successful ankle stability program.

LectureBarefoot Training For Power & Agility, Emily Splichal – optional

In this lecture, podiatrist Emily Splichal explains how the muscles and bones of the foot and ankle work, and how we can use barefoot training to increase power and agility in clients and athletes.

LectureUnderstanding Overuse Injuries and Impact Forces, Emily Splichal – optional

Overuse injuries are commonly associated with the force of impact from the ground, but is there more we should be watching for? And are there ways to mitigate impact force? In this session, podiatrist Emily Splichal explains how to think about impact, and how footwear can help or hurt your clients, athletes and patients.

LectureEmily Splichal, Footwear for Performance & Fitness – optional

In this lecture, podiatrist Emily Splichal discusses footwear, the most current footwear science, and the shoe needs of different sports. She also covers orthotics, minimalist shoes and other footwear topics.

LectureWhat is Fascial Tensioning, Emily Splichal- The Future of Proprioceptive Training – optional

In this 40-minute talk, podiatrist Emily Splichal talks about proprioceptive training by challenging our thinking of joint stability and unstable surface training.

LectureSarah Young & Emily Splichal Barefoot Training – optional

In this discussion, Sarah Young asks podiatrist Emily Splichal the questions you've wondered about when considering or recommending barefoot training. How does it benefit us; what's important about it and why?

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