Gray Cook Complete Video Bundle

This bundle is a full set of On Target’s Gray Cook videos, and is a fabulous way to get caught up with all of Gray’s current thinking.

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VideoGray Cook Three Principles of Movement – optional

Gray Cook and Titleist Performance Institute's Greg Rose take over four decades of experience working with people at all levels across multiple sports and condense it into three powerful movement principles you can use to analyze and improve any movement no matter how simple or complex.

VideoGray Cook Dan John Essentials of Coaching – optional

Gray Cook and Dan John provide tools to identify and iron out weaknesses holding your clients back. Learn how to take the information you get from assessments and use it to prioritize components of your training for maximum effectiveness. Gray and Dan also provide exercise choices, drills and coaching tips so you can put what you learn into practice right away.

VideoAssessing Movement with Stuart McGill, Gray Cook and Craig Liebenson – optional

Gray Cook and Stuart McGill take the stage at Stanford University in a six-hour discussion of their approaches to movement screening, assessment and spine stabilization. In this discussion, Gray and Stuart review the literature surrounding the FMS, and then answer questions about their methods.

VideoGray Cook, Lee Burton & Alwyn Cosgrove The Future of Exercise Program Design Video – optional

After an introduction by Lee Burton and an overview from Gray Cook, Alwyn Cosgrove of Results Fitness reveals how he uses the FMS to get better results, more quickly for his clients. In the video, he presents five case studies of real people he has trained, and shows you exactly how he crafts individualized programs based on the results of the FMS.

VideoGray Cook & Erwan Le Corre Exploring Functional Movement Video – optional

This video set opens with Erwan LeCorre putting Gray Cook through some of his favorite movement basics. After this introduction, they’ll spend about 45 minutes going through a variety of movement drills that display postural integrity and quality movement patterning. From there, you'll see them demonstrate their authentic movement drills to two athletes who display different movement needs.

VideoGray Cook Key Functional Exercises You Should Know Video – optional

Get results for your clients in less time and with less work by focusing on the key functional exercises Gray Cook reveals in this video. You'll also learn when to use them and how to modify them according to the needs of each person.

VideoGray Cook Applying the FMS Model – optional

In this presentation, Gray Cook and Brett Jones will show you how to correctly apply the FMS with your clients and use it to develop programming unique to each person. Gray and Brett take people through the screening process, and afterword they give their corrective and programming recommendations so you can see exactly how experts use the FMS.

From: $0.00

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This bundle is a discounted collection of On Target’s Gray Cook videos, and is a fabulous way to get caught up with all of Gray’s current thinking. It’s a mix of both digital and physical items, and you can order either or both editions. You can choose all or some of the elements above.

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