Gray Cook Principles Bundle

If you’re serious about learning how to assess and improve movement, the Gray Cook Principles bundle is for you. This bundle includes Three Principles You Can Apply to Any Movement, Movement, Applying the FMS Model and Developing a Movement Philosophy. You will walk away with a sound understanding of the principles and approaches used by Gray Cook and the Functional Movement Systems group.

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VideoGray Cook Applying the FMS Model – optional

In this presentation, Gray Cook and Brett Jones will show you how to correctly apply the FMS with your clients and use it to develop programming unique to each person. Gray and Brett take people through the screening process, and afterword they give their corrective and programming recommendations so you can see exactly how experts use the FMS.

BookGray Cook Movement book – optional

Screening, assessing and improving movement can reduce injury risk and help people unlock their performance potential. In Movement, Gray Cook outlines his systematic approach for evaluating and improving movement quality so you can create better exercise and rehabilitation programs.

VideoGray Cook Three Principles of Movement – optional

Gray Cook and Titleist Performance Institute's Greg Rose take over four decades of experience working with people at all levels across multiple sports and condense it into three powerful movement principles you can use to analyze and improve any movement no matter how simple or complex.

LectureGray Cook Movement Principles Talk, CK-FMS – optional

This is Gray Cook's talk on the movement principles, given at CK-FMS May 2013. It's an overview of his philosophy of movement, and the foundation of the Functional Movement Screen. It was a live talk, and unfortunately the sound quality is not the best.

LectureDeveloping a Movement Philosophy, Gray Cook on Movement Correctives – optional

Anatomy and kinesiology are important and you need to know it well, but what comes next? Do you then understand the system that governs movement?

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