Gray Cook Talks at Google

Gray Cook Talks at Google

In this session of Talks at Google: Where Great Minds Meet, Gray Cook joins an impressive list of trendsetters invited to speak at Google.


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Movement Search: Connecting You to Your Movement Path

Gray Cook Talks at Google

In this session of Talks at Google: Where Great Minds Meet, Gray Cook joins an impressive list of trendsetters invited to speak at Google to cover topics ranging from books and films to science, food and life in our connected world. They come from every background you can think of and every part of the world to share their stories.

This is Gray’s FMS story: Movement Search—Connecting You to Your Movement Path.

“If I introduce you to a completely new activity, in the first three to four weeks of that new activity—some people will say five or six—your strength graph looks like that, and then it looks like that. It sort of tapers off. Your greatest gains are always going to be in the introduction of a new movement pattern, and yet, in that three to four weeks, your body does not change. Your bone density hasn’t changed yet. Your fascia hasn’t had a chance to remodel. Your muscles aren’t doing anything different; they’re no bigger and you probably haven’t even lost much fat.

“What happened?

“Your timing, your coordination, your processing, your perception and your behaviors got better.” ~ Gray Cook

Please note: Gray did this talk at Google, which was filmed and shown in its entirety below. Put this free lecture in your shopping cart if you prefer to read the transcript or listen to the audio instead of watching the video, or if you would like to reinforce your learning by reading and listening later.


  • Is it a hardware problem or a software problem?
  • Changing behavior by changing perception
  • Exercise as a risk factor for health
  • Does structure always govern function?
  • Look for patterns
  • The 3 movement principles
  • Minimizing failure
  • What does adaptation look like?
  • Protect, correct, develop
  • The top 2 risk factors for injury
  • Return to sport after ACL surgery
  • Injury rates in sport
  • Movement screening and balance testing
  • Signs before symptoms
  • Using the right filters
  • The 3 FMS tools


Gray Cook consults with professional and university coaches and athletes, and teaches on various aspects of physical therapy, sports medicine and performance enhancement. His over-riding philosophy is that movement professionals must first understand human movement patterns. He’s the author of Movement: Functional Movement Systems: Screening, Assessment, Corrective Strategies and Athletic Body in Balance and the creator of over a dozen DVD packages. His two main websites are and 

Who Benefits?

Anyone interested in movement screening


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