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BookGray Cook Lecture Compendium Book – optional

This is a complete set of Gray Cook's recorded audio lectures, collected and reformatted into an audio OR edited transcript ebook. If you would like to order BOTH formats, put both items in your shopping cart. A 10% discount will automatically be applied.

LectureGray Cook The FMS Angle on Performance: The Fundamental Capacity Screen – optional

In this interview Functional Movement Screen creator Gray Cook discusses his new Fundamental Capacity Screen with Cody Dimak.

LectureDeveloping a Movement Philosophy, Gray Cook on Movement Correctives – optional

Anatomy and kinesiology are important and you need to know it well, but what comes next? Do you then understand the system that governs movement?

LectureBreaking Down The Toe Touch, Gray Cook – optional

When Gray Cook says he doesn't let people deadlift if they can't touch their toes, what's the reason? Is it that big of a deal? Here we get to listen to him tell the story of the toe touch -- why he cares, what he's looking at and how he fixes it.

LectureGray Cook The 3 Rs & The Difference between the FMS and the SFMA – optional

Here Gray Cook explains the concept of resetting, reinforcing, then reloading, and tells us why it's a mistake to get these in the wrong order. This talk will also give you an idea of the difference between the FMS and the SFMA, and how the same exercises can be used for different results depending on the situation.

LectureGray Cook Current Thinking about Injury Risk – optional

The 2012 International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists Conference was held in Quebec in October 2012. Gray Cook was a keynote speaker.

LectureHow to Fix a Mobility Problem, Gray Cook – optional

Listen in as Gray Cook considers the various ways a mobility problem might begin, and some of the best ways to combat these problems, depending on the underlying cause.

LectureReactive Neuromuscular Training, RNT with Gray Cook – optional

You've heard of RNT, but do you really know what it means -- How it was created and what is its purpose? Here Gray Cook explains how RNT came to be used, and his thinking behind reactive neuromuscular training.

LectureGray Cook Free Lecture, Schooling Vs Education – optional

In this free talk, Gray Cook discusses the difference between schooling and education, and explains why we need to participate in both.

LectureGray Cook The Psychology of Movement—Discovering Movement Issues – optional

Here's where you can spend a half-hour with Gray Cook as he develops his thinking about the mental aspect of discovering and working through movement issues.

LectureCraig Liebenson & Gray Cook Misunderstandings about The FMS and SFMA – optional

In this conversation, Craig Liebenson asks Gray Cook the questions he has, and has heard people ask, about movement screening and the medical model of the Functional Movement Screen. This is an in-depth conversation that will answer some of your biggest questions about screening, resetting and reinforcing as taught by Gray Cook.

LectureUpdating Athletic Body in Balance, Gray Cook – optional

In this talk, Gray Cook discusses the important points he made in the book Athletic Body in Balance, and follows that with what changes or additions he'd make if he were to re-write the book now, 10 years later.

LectureGray Cook, Self-Limiting Exercise Lecture – optional

In this lecture, physical therapist Gray Cook explains the thinking behind the concept of self-limiting exercise, tells how the idea came to be, and gives examples you can immediately begin to use yourself or with your clients.

LectureGray Cook Movement Principles Talk, CK-FMS – optional

This is Gray Cook's talk on the movement principles, given at CK-FMS May 2013. It's an overview of his philosophy of movement, and the foundation of the Functional Movement Screen. It was a live talk, and unfortunately the sound quality is not the best.

LectureCraig Liebenson & Gray Cook, Janda: Upper and Lower Crossed Syndromes – optional

This discussion begins with references to the Upper- and Lower-Crossed Syndromes, and weaves its way through coaching, competitive sports and clinical patient treatment. Spend a half-hour listening in as Gray Cook and Craig Liebenson talk about what they learned from the work of Vladimir Janda and others, and how they developed that learning into something more.

LectureCraig Liebenson & Gray Cook Talk about Function – optional

This is the first in a series of dialogs between Gray Cook, PT, and Craig Liebenson, DC, in which they share their insights about the origins and evolution of functional movement assessment.

LectureGray Cook at VCU, Modern Physical Therapy Program – optional

This Gray Cook lecture was recorded live at the VCU School of Medicine Physical Therapy department, during which he outlined his hope for the future of physical therapy and strength and athletic training programs. When should we seek medical attention; when should we prescribe or practice corrective exercise? Do we have a checklist, or is there one on the horizon?

LectureIsolating Movement Patterns, When and Why, Gray Cook – optional

In this talk, Gray Cook clarifies the difference between isolating a body part or a pattern. He then gives examples of how he uses that difference to work toward success. What's the difference between bridging, activating the glute and half-kneeling work? Listen in as he explains.

LecturePhysical Therapy Assessments, Joe Heiler & Gray Cook – optional

In this interview-style lecture, physical therapists Joe Heiler and Gray Cook discuss the nuances of function, its definition and how the concept could be applied to rehabilitation and performance.

LectureGray Cook Apprenticeship Vs Internship – optional

A little off his normal lectures, in this short session, Gray Cook talks about we can think and behave in ways the reflect well toward our peers and our clients.

LectureGray Cook at Duke, Using the Movement Screen in a Clinic – optional

In this two-hour session, Gray Cook visits with the first- & second-year physical therapy students at Duke University to give them an impression of possible clinical experiences to come, and to answer their questions.

LectureEdo Zylstra Dry Needling, with Gray Cook – optional

By now you've heard of dry needling, but do you know what it's used for? The creator of the KinetaCore® Physical Therapy Education Company, Edo Zylstra, sits down with Gray Cook to discuss how they use dry needling and how they integrate it into their physical therapy practices.

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