Jon Torine Screening Athletes – The Athlete Continuum

In this lecture, long-time NFL strength and conditioning coach Jon Torine lays out the system he calls The Athlete Continuum.


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Jon Torine NFL Strength Coach – Strength Coaching for Professional Sports – Jon Torine Screening Athletes

In this lecture, long-time NFL strength and conditioning coach Jon Torine lays out the system he calls The Athlete Continuum. He uses this structure to support the athlete’s skill through quality communication across the medical and performance teams. The Functional Movement Screen is an important part of his system, and in addition to his other communication ideas, he discusses the Screen’s use in a team environment.

“The thing we all must hold true to is a baseline. That’s what I’d like to stress—holding true to a baseline. The methods vary. We know what works. We could put a bunch of people in a room and talk about all the things we do, and the majority of us could prove what we’re doing works. Do we have an established baseline? That’s what we want to look at.”~Jon Torine


• The System (2:25)
• Become a Content Expert (5:45)
• Have a Baseline (8:05)
• Standard Operating Procedure (10:45)
• General Adaptation Syndrome (12:35)
• The Steps to the System (15:40)
• Mapping Individuals (18:40)
• Holding People Accountable (24:05)
• Communication (27:40)


Jon Torine spent 17 years as a strength and conditioning coach in the NFL, where he handled all facets of the strength and conditioning program and was part of the medical management team. In addition to S&C, his duties included team nutrition and hydration, team circadian rhythm management, building an intern program, assistance with college and free agent evaluations,and working closely with the rehabilitation and physical therapy staff in return-to-play efforts. During this time, he used the Functional Movement Screen to help guide his training decisions. He’s a content expert on corrective exercise strategies and movement patterns, and is often interviewed for professional publications, journals and magazines.

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Coaches who work with football players

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  1. Mark Snow

    Jon with his extensive background in strength and conditioning speaks of the importance of systems and setting a baseline for improvement. He also speaks of the many variables which affect an athletes performance. I also believe his approach to athletes can also be applied to the everyday individual who is training towards a health and fitness goal.

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