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This is a discounted bundle of Josh Hillis’s books. It’s a mix of both digital and physical items, and you can order either edition. Note: Print editions on OTP always include the digital files for free.

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BookJosh Hillis Lean and Strong – optional

Josh Hillis returns with this new book as his answer to the failing diet profession—he'll give you tools that will actually work.

BookJosh Hillis and Dan John Fat Loss Happens on Monday – optional

Fat loss expert Josh Hillis teams up with strength coach Dan John to provide a clear, simple and realistic approach to fat loss. Start turning around your eating habits for good using Josh’s unique habit strategies, and then turbocharge your fat loss with the special fat loss exercise programs in the book.

From: $0.00

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This is a discounted collection of Josh Hillis’s products. It’s a mix of both digital and physical items, and you can order either or both editions. You can choose all or some of the elements above.

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