Martha Peterson, Somatic Education & Pain

Martha Peterson covers the basic concepts of Hanna Somatic education in this presentation, and discusses how these ideas can be applied to relieve chronic muscle pain.


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What is somatic education? – Will somatic training help with pain? – Learning Feldenkrais

Martha Peterson covers the basic concepts of Hanna Somatic Education in this presentation, and discusses how these ideas can be applied to relieve chronic muscle pain. You’ll learn about sensory motor amnesia, and how this develops in response to stress and overtraining, creating chronic muscular contractions that alter movement and create pain. Martha uses somatic movement training to develop sensory motor control, which simplifies movement and often relieves chronic pain. Feldenkrais enthusiasts will also be interested in this work.

“Despite the popularity of exercise, fitness books and diet books, the fact remains that there are increasing numbers of people, both young and old, both athletic and non-athletic, complaining of chronic muscle pain. Go to your local drugstore and you’ll see an entire wall filled with nothing but painkillers for all sorts of different muscular conditions.

“I’ve worked with children as young as the age of nine, and I’ve worked with people as old as 80. Muscle pain has more to do with what has happened to you in your life and how you have adapted to the stress of your life than it does to age.” ~Martha Peterson


• Chronic muscle pain and compensation
• What is somatic education?
• Thomas Hanna—Hanna Somatic Education
• Trauma reflex
• Pandiculation—wake up your brain and connect to your muscles
• Green light reflex, red light reflex


Martha Peterson is a former professional dancer and current Hanna Somatic and Clinical Somatic Educator, Certified Massage Therapist and movement expert. She is the author of the book Move Without Pain, is a presenter and offers workshops and DVDs, which you’ll find on her website,

Very clear, concise and experiential. I would love to see Thomas Hanna’s somatic work, which is a very philosophical and general set of principles around movement and the brain, applied to certain sport contexts. The implications of Somatics are broad because they are principles underlying all human movement.
~Charlie Reid, Reid Health Solutions

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Anyone interested in Feldenkrais and mobility for pain relief

2 reviews for Martha Peterson, Somatic Education & Pain

  1. Chris Lowndes

    A really well presented introduction to the field of somatic education. Martha clearly explains the reflexes as laid down in Hanna Somatic Education, which can contribute to muscle pain, poor mobility and how through focused practice pain can be lessened and mobility, be it general or sports performance, can be improved.

  2. Dan

    I’ve heard about Thomas Hanna’s Somatics, but didn’t have a good understanding prior to listening. This was a great introductory lecture that explains how people get into and live with chronic pain or faulty movement patterns. Martha then goes on to address a few ways you can reverse these effects. The bulk of the lecture is in providing an understanding of how we get into pain and compensatory patterns. Martha doesn’t go into great detail on her methods to fix it, but she gives a good enough understanding of it all that your awareness of the situation will help you combat it.

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