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This lecture is about using movement preparation to correct and improve movement deficiencies.


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Movement Prep – FMS and Movement Prep – Correctives in Movement Preparation

This lecture is about using movement preparation to correct and improve movement deficiencies. Joe Sansalone links the FMS, corrective strategies involving joint mobility and core stability, and classic movement preparation drills into an organized format that corrects movement pattern weak links while preparing the body for the demands of the training session.

“We start with mobility. Get mobility first. Then, re-activate and insert some stability where it’s needed. Then, teach individuals to own and use that mobility and stability through patterns. This dynamically prepares for the day’s training. It brings the most efficient set of movement patterns to the training session.”~Joe Sansalone


• Components of Movement Preparation (1:35)
• Movement Preparation vs. Movement Efficiency (3:25)
• Movement Efficiency Format (6:30)
• Getting it to ‘Stick’ (10:50)
• Quick Review (14:10)
• Addressing Mobility then Flexibility (17:05)
• Activation & Patterning (18:35)
• Continue Monitoring (20:30)
• Movement Preparation Argument (22:05)


Joe Sansalone is the owner and performance enhancement training director of Optimum Performance Training Institute (OPTI) in Columbia, Maryland. He is part of the FMS staff, a level 2 RKC, Level 1 coach with USAW, holds certifications in the NSCA, ACSM, ACE CPT, CK-FMS and is a 4-Phase Athletes Performance Mentorship graduate. You can catch up with him at the Optimum Performance Training Institute website.

Who Benefits?

Trainers and coaches looking for new options in movement prep

2 reviews for Movement Prep, Joe Sansalone

  1. Jennifer Meehan RKC CK-FMS

    During this outstanding lecture, Joe takes you through the importance of addressing weak links in your body and using the format of movement preparation to enhance movement efficency. He lays out the formula needed to move properly, efficiently, and correctly! If you are ready to train effectively, then listen to this lecture now!

  2. Karen A. Johnson, MPT, CFMT

    Joe Sansalone presented an outstanding lecture on the topic of movement preparation. After acknowledging the work of his mentors, he discussed ways in which he has been able to achieve improved results with his clients, based on his extensive knowledge and experience. He shares that in his experience, movement preparation is even more effective when the initial focus is on correcting the client’s movement dysfunctions. Once the movement dysfunctions have been corrected, preparation for specific sports or training sessions is much more effective. Additionally, improvements are held more consistently. Joe’s lecture is organized and easy to follow. I am sure that the information presented will be helpful to listeners.

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