Paul Ingraham, Understanding Fascia Science

In the past few years we’ve seen an explosion of discussion about fascia, its function and importance.


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What is fascia? – Is fascia important?  – Understanding fascia science

In the past few years we’ve seen an explosion of discussion about fascia, its function and importance. Science journalist Paul Ingraham isn’t so sure we’re on the right track, and uses this presentation to make his case that as the science develops, it may not be that important. His thinking is this: Here’s fascia, but why should we care?

“Just in case you don’t know the meaning of fascia, it’s a sheet of connective tissue. It’s the same as gristle in steak. It wraps pretty much everything in the body. Its main job is as connective tissue; it connects and wraps at all scales.

“This is what fascia is, now who cares? Why are we talking about it? I’m talking about it because everybody else is talking about it because it’s so popular. Fascia is being talked about in virtually every therapy office across the land. There are conferences about it and just generally a lot of excitement about this stuff. It is allegedly the key to many a therapeutic puzzle and is now targeted routinely by therapists of all kinds. It is a tissue of interest.” ~Paul Ingraham


• Talk about fascia
• Electrified by Piezoelectricity
• Fascial therapy—hands-on techniques
• Fascia Contraction—Does it matter?
• Fascia is strong like bull


Paul Ingraham is a science journalist with extensive experience studying musculoskeletal medicine. He writes for both patients and professionals, and presents his material via his site,


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Clinicians interested in the current science of fascia


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