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BookMike Boyle Advances in Functional Training – optional

Advances in Functional Training is a comprehensive guide that brings together a volume of information on current athletic training trends and concepts. Inside you’ll get the latest insight from Mike Boyle, a top coach who’s spent decades carefully thinking about and testing better ways to train his clients and athletes.

BookGray Cook Movement book – optional

Screening, assessing and improving movement can reduce injury risk and help people unlock their performance potential. In Movement, Gray Cook outlines his systematic approach for evaluating and improving movement quality so you can create better exercise and rehabilitation programs.

VideoThomas Plummer The Business of Training – optional

Thomas Plummer, founder of the National Fitness Business Alliance, shows you how turn your passion for fitness into a business that will support and reward you financially. Thomas will show you what you need to know if you are thinking of start a fitness business, and what to do if you already have a fitness business that isn’t making the money you need and want it to make.

BookDan John Intervention book – optional

In Intervention, Dan John provides  a clear and systematic approach to coaching and training. From assessments, to rep schemes, to exercise selection, to exercise programming, Dan  covers it all and will give you step-by-step process for designing effective training programs for any and every person.

BookJosh Hillis and Dan John Fat Loss Happens on Monday – optional

Fat loss expert Josh Hillis teams up with strength coach Dan John to provide a clear, simple and realistic approach to fat loss. Start turning around your eating habits for good using Josh’s unique habit strategies, and then turbocharge your fat loss with the special fat loss exercise programs in the book.

VideoCharlie Weingroff Video, Training=Rehab, Rehab=Training – optional

There is a huge void where non-medical folks don't have the tool(s) to work side by side with medical clinicians with the same template. Non-painful dysfunction is the FMS; you will learn how to get into those patterns in this video lecture, and you will leave the painful patterns to those who are qualified. If that happens to be you anyway, all the better.

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LectureHow to Measure Heart Rate Variability, Joel Jamieson – optional

Measuring heart rate variability is a non-invasive gauge of the autonomic nervous system. It's a technology that's now available at an affordable price so coaches and trainers can use it to monitor an athlete's training and recovery state. Joel Jamieson, a strength coach who works with a variety of athletes, explains heart rate variability in this lecture, and describes how he uses it to guide his training programs both daily and over the long term.

VideoPost-Rehab Essentials, Dean Somerset Video – optional

Workshop presenter Dean Somerset covers the most common conditions of the shoulder, hip, knee and spine, and gives directions on what to do and more importantly, what not to do following specific injuries. Each section goes through pertinent anatomical information, what adaptations occur with each injury, how to assess and determine who can and can't begin training, and how safely and effectively get the best results.

LectureHow to Be a Personal Trainer, Higher Quality Personal Training, Jennifer Pilotti – optional

In this free talk, trainer Jennifer Pilotti discusses her philosophy of learning for personal trainers who work with the general public. On what continuing education should you spend your time and money?

LectureAlwyn Cosgrove Designing Semi-Private Training Programs – optional

Personal trainers who work one-on-one realize their time and income is limited by the individual-attention structure. They know they need to make a change, but they often get trapped in the one-on-one mindset. Is there a way to shift this business structure and still give clients the attention they need?

LectureWeight Training for Seniors, Tim Vagen – optional

Tim Vagen, a "senior" who trains senior clients in addition to elite athletes, presents a foundation for personal trainers working with senior clientele. What are their needs?

LectureTaylor Lewis Baseball Program - Training The 99% With The 1% Methods – optional

Taylor Lewis trains professional baseball players, and he trains adults with cystic fibrosis. In this talk, he explains the similarities and differences, and describes how to use this knowledge with general public training clients.

VideoCharlie Weingroff Lateralizations & Regressions Video – optional

This 7-part 13-hour video set brings updated content as well as fresh views from the mind of Charlie Weingroff, including training methodologies that incorporate the 4 pillars of Human Performance: 1) Movement, 2) Output, 3) Readiness and 4) the Sensory Systems.

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LectureWorkout Program Design, Nick Tumminello – optional

Designing programs can be a struggle for even experienced coaches and personal trainers. Nick Tumminello excels at making program design simple, from the oldest traditional programming principles to experimental concepts.

LectureWhy Doesn't Corrective Exercise Work? with Perry Nickelston – optional

One of the most confusing parts about using corrective exercises comes when we try to figure out why a corrective works for one person, and doesn't do anything for another person with the same movement issues.

VideoGray Cook Applying the FMS Model – optional

In this presentation, Gray Cook and Brett Jones will show you how to correctly apply the FMS with your clients and use it to develop programming unique to each person. Gray and Brett take people through the screening process, and afterword they give their corrective and programming recommendations so you can see exactly how experts use the FMS.

LectureMark Snow Lecture, Using The FMS in Groups – optional

This lecture speaks to using the Functional Movement Screen in a bootcamp or group fitness setting on the front end with new and existing clients, how to interpret the FMS scores, how to implement the FMS correctives in your workouts, and how to gain referrals from using the FMS.

BookHow to Use The FMS in a Business, Mark Snow ebook – optional

Mark Snow has used the Functional Movement Screen on upwards of 1,000 people. He and his wife Nikki are experts at using the screen with private training clients, and in semi-private and group settings. They've used this system to enhance their clients' success, as well as the financial success of their business. What you learn from this ebook will change your business forever.

VideoGray Cook, Lee Burton & Alwyn Cosgrove The Future of Exercise Program Design Video – optional

After an introduction by Lee Burton and an overview from Gray Cook, Alwyn Cosgrove of Results Fitness reveals how he uses the FMS to get better results, more quickly for his clients. In the video, he presents five case studies of real people he has trained, and shows you exactly how he crafts individualized programs based on the results of the FMS.

LectureTraining during Pregnancy, Galina Denzel – optional

In this lecture, Galina teaches a complete system for training and program design during pregnancy. She covers major physiological changes and ties these together with objectives and practical solutions for use in training pregnant women.

LectureNick Winkelman on Coaching and Cuing – optional

This lecture, Science of Coaching: Theory Applied, looks at at the concept of coaching science -- a skills acquisition presentation.

LectureUpdated Nutrition Coaching Session, Josh Hillis – optional

If you or your clients struggle with losing fat, whether it's a lot of weight or those last few pounds, the 98 minutes you spend listening to this lecture by fat-loss coach Josh Hillis could be your most valuable time expenditure all year. His tips are simple and effective, and the emotional strategy binds the package into something that works.

LectureSeven Secrets for Women Fitness Pros, Rachel Cosgrove – optional

Now 12 years into the business of Results Fitness, Rachel Cosgrove explains the seven things she's found to be the most important elements to her success as a fitness professional. From the pros and cons of multi-tasking to communications, from organizational skills to relationships, Rachel offers the tips that propelled her from personal trainer to author, lecturer and business leader.

BookDan John A Lifelong Approach to Fitness Book – optional

This is a complete set of Dan John's lectures, collected and reformatted into an audio book with a companion ebook.

BookDan John Can You Go – optional

In his book Can You Go, Dan John outlines the simple assessment tools he uses with athletes and ordinary people. His quick, straightforward assessment method will help you identify what your clients are lacking and what they should focus on in their training.

LectureDan John Quadrants of Diet And Exercise – optional

In this lecture, Dan John explains how to use his quadrants concept to combine diet and exercise programming. How do we balance hard dieting with hard training? Can it be done? For how long? You'll have a clear plan at the end of this talk.

LectureDan John, Fundamental Human Movements – optional

With this new material, strength coach Dan John discusses his current thinking on the fundamental human movements. Here he's talking not about so much about drills and body parts, but about an overriding concept that covers ideas such as pushing, pulling, hinging and work capacity.

LectureGray Cook Current Thinking about Injury Risk – optional

The 2012 International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists Conference was held in Quebec in October 2012. Gray Cook was a keynote speaker.

LecturePhil Plisky Y Balance Test - Implementing Testing & Screening – optional

Many coaches and trainers value movement screening, but don't know how to implement the systems into their workplace or group settings. In this lecture, Phil Plisky, the developer of the Y Balance Test, presents some ideas for workplace buy-in, and tells how he brought screening into athletic pre-participation physicals.

LectureWhat Is The Y Balance Test, Phil Plisky – optional

How did the Y Balance Test come to be? What are we trying to discover with it, and how did it get tied into the Functional Movement Systems program? Y Balance creator Phil Plisky tells the story of his balance screen.

LectureFunctional Movement Screen History, Lee Burton – optional

How did the the screen come to be, and how much has it changed over the years? Is it still changing, and what changes can you expect in the future? In this talk, Lee Burton tells us what was going on back in 1997, and what he thought about Gray Cook's early ideas.

LectureGray Cook Movement Principles Talk, CK-FMS – optional

This is Gray Cook's talk on the movement principles, given at CK-FMS May 2013. It's an overview of his philosophy of movement, and the foundation of the Functional Movement Screen. It was a live talk, and unfortunately the sound quality is not the best.

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