Reactive Neuromuscular Training, RNT with Gray Cook

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You’ve heard of RNT, but do you really know what it means — How it was created and what is its purpose? Here Gray Cook explains how RNT came to be used, and his thinking behind reactive neuromuscular training.


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RNT – Reactive Neuromuscular Training – Corrective Exercise with Bands

You’ve heard of reactive neuromuscular training, but do you really know what it means? How it was created and what is its purpose? Here Gray Cook explains how RNT came to be used, and his thinking behind reactive neuromuscular training.

“There’s a scenario when movement quality is poor where RNT can significantly speed up the corrective and the functional training processes when it comes to movement quality and integrity. In doing so, it will also create a sound base for strength training, sport-specific training, endurance, speed, agility, quickness and power.

“When your subconscious and the subtle timing of your stabilizers create joint integrity, joint alignment and fascial tension balance the forces around the joint, maintain the axis of the joint and simply juice integrity of the system, the prime movers have no choice but to perform better. ~Gray Cook


• Bottoms Up Kettlebell Press (0:55)
• Neural Load (5:15)
• Motor Control and Stability Training (11:20)
• Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (14:10)
• The Jump Study (23:55)
• Dr. Michael Voight (34:30)
• Being Resourceful (41:40)
• Having a Baseline (46:45)

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Gray Cook consults with professional and university coaches and athletes, and teaches on various aspects of physical therapy, sports medicine and performance enhancement. His over-riding philosophy is that movement professionals must first understand human movement patterns. He’s the author of Movement: Functional Movement Systems: Screening, Assessment, Corrective Strategies and Athletic Body in Balance and the creator of over a dozen DVD packages. His two main websites are and

Who Benefits?

Trainers and clinicians who practice corrective exercise in their programming or who use the Functional Movement Screen

6 reviews for Reactive Neuromuscular Training, RNT with Gray Cook

  1. Paul (verified owner)

    Mr. Cook has once again presented information in an understandable and applicable manner.

    OPT is a valued service, providing educational information.

  2. Kate (verified owner)

    This lecture provides clear, essential insight into RNT, and, importantly, into its role in the (continuing) evolution of Gray Cook’s thinking and practice.

    Like all OTP products that I have encountered thus far, the care and attention to detail that have gone into production quality are exemplary. Inclusion of the accessory PDFS (transcript, and the published studies referred to in the lecture) is both generous, and comprehensive.

    Thanks to Gray Cook, and thanks to everyone at OTP!

  3. Frank

    Mr Cook takes the explanation and need for Reactive Neuromuscular Training to a new high. He is obviously very will versed in the subject, and an expert in this field.

  4. Victor Verhage (verified owner)

    Very helpful, thank you for the deep insight on RNT. Gray made it simple and easy to understand.

  5. Anna (verified owner)

    Thank you for your effort and excellent material

  6. Roman (verified owner)

    Great info. Thank you!

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