Reifkind, Whitley, Reifkind Workshop Video Bundle

This is the discounted bundle of the full physical video set of the Reifkind/Whitley/Reifkind workshop event.

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VideoMark Reifkind Lats Video – optional

In this lecture, Rif introduces the basics of lat kinesiology, and teach the steps needed to build a powerful back. Once you understand how the lats work, you can build strength, size and pushing and pulling power. You'll finish this video with a new appreciation for this powerful, often-neglected muscle group.

VideoDave Whitley Kettlebell Fundamentals Video – optional

Single-hand pressing as well as Dave does allows him to teach it in a way that works for everyone. He'll use the movements of the Turkish getup, the windmill and various bent press progressions to show you how to gain true strength that's balanced from side to side.

VideoTracy Reifkind Kettlebell Swings Programming Video – optional

The swing is without a doubt the most important of all the kettlebell exercises, but who really knows how to train it properly?

VideoDave Whitley, Lessons of The Old-Time Strongmen Video – optional

Very few people understand the work of the old-time strongmen, and fewer yet can accomplish any of their feats. Dave Whitley is one such person, and in this live workshop DVD he'll show you how some of the strength feats are done. Better yet, he'll teach you how to use the strongmen's methods to take your own training to levels you hadn't imagined. In today's strength world, the IronTamer is a premier go-to strongman!

From: $0.00

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This is a discounted collection of Reifkind, Whitley, Reifkind Workshop video products. It’s a mix of both digital and physical items, and you can order either or both editions. You can choose all or some of the elements above.