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VideoImmaculate Dissection Functional Anatomy – optional

In this 88-minute video, educators Kathy Dooley and Anna Folckomer bring anatomy to life through Danny Quirk’s unique body painting.

BookChuck Wolf Insights into Functional Training – optional

While studying human function is an evolving and continuous process, comprehension of function will help you view movement from a new perspective that will lead to a paradigm shift in your exercise program design. This book will help you develop consistent skills based on human movement and help you enhance function through creative latitude while adding multiple tools to your productive toolbox.

LectureWhat is Fascial Tensioning, Emily Splichal- The Future of Proprioceptive Training – optional

In this 40-minute talk, podiatrist Emily Splichal talks about proprioceptive training by challenging our thinking of joint stability and unstable surface training.

LectureAnkle Stability and Proprioception, Emily Splichal – optional

When asked about ankle stability training, most people think of wobble boards and other forms of balance training. Podiatrist Emily Splichal flips that idea in this discussion of how proprioceptive training works, then provides her suggestions for building a successful ankle stability program.

LectureUnderstanding Overuse Injuries and Impact Forces, Emily Splichal – optional

Overuse injuries are commonly associated with the force of impact from the ground, but is there more we should be watching for? And are there ways to mitigate impact force? In this session, podiatrist Emily Splichal explains how to think about impact, and how footwear can help or hurt your clients, athletes and patients.

LectureBarefoot Training For Power & Agility, Emily Splichal – optional

In this lecture, podiatrist Emily Splichal explains how the muscles and bones of the foot and ankle work, and how we can use barefoot training to increase power and agility in clients and athletes.

LectureDoes Stretching Work? with Eric Chessen & Marjorie Brook – optional

In this discussion, Eric Chessen invites stretching expert Marjorie Brook to explain how stretching can help multiply the results of strength training. His questions, and her answers, range from why stretching works, to its importance and how to weave it into an already full training program.

LectureResearch on Stretching, Charlie Weingroff - The Stretching Code – optional

There's still a lot of confusion over when and how to stretch, and if we should even be stretching. What does it do, what doesn't it do? In this talk, Charlie Weingroff explains the science and gives us an idea of when, how and who should stretch.

LectureThe Gait Cycle & Propulsion, Emily Splichal – optional

Emily Splichal has a passion for teaching barefoot training. Her goal in this lecture is to teach you how to integrate corrective exercise techniques or strategies to optimize the propulsive phase of gait in your clients, athletes and patients.

LectureEmily Splichal, Footwear for Performance & Fitness – optional

In this lecture, podiatrist Emily Splichal discusses footwear, the most current footwear science, and the shoe needs of different sports. She also covers orthotics, minimalist shoes and other footwear topics.

LectureRon Jones Barefoot Training, Understanding Feet, Ankles & Shoes – optional

In this lecture, Health from the Ground Up: A Practical Guide to Understanding Feet, Ankles and Shoes, wellness coach Ron Jones covers the topics from A to Z.

LectureSarah Young & Emily Splichal Barefoot Training – optional

In this discussion, Sarah Young asks podiatrist Emily Splichal the questions you've wondered about when considering or recommending barefoot training. How does it benefit us; what's important about it and why?

LectureEmily Splichal, Optimizing Proprioceptive Stimulation in Fall Reduction Programming – optional

In this lecture, podiatrist Emily Splichal tells us how to optimize proprioception for fall reduction programming.

LectureTim Anderson on Crawling – optional

This lecture, The Miracle of Crawling, is Tim Anderson's reintroduction of one of our earliest movements, our original locomotion. Crawling is more than just something we did or should have done as a baby; it's an integral part of who we are.

LectureEric Chessen Autism Fitness – optional

We're all familiar with autism from a distance, but have you considered adding an autism fitness program to your youth training business? Do you have enough knowledge to help your friend or relative with an autistic child's fitness needs? Autism fitness expert Eric Chessen gives us an overview of his thinking in this lecture on working in fitness with people of all ages with autism.

LectureGray Cook Current Thinking about Injury Risk – optional

The 2012 International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists Conference was held in Quebec in October 2012. Gray Cook was a keynote speaker.

LectureBreathing, Crawling & Getup for Runners, Sarah Young & Gabe Skinner – optional

This is a discussion between Sarah Young and Gabe Skinner, who both do bodywork as well as training runners. Three of their go-to drills are breathing, crawling and training the getup, and in this talk they'll tell you why those work so well for all of us, but especially for runners.

LectureDavid Weck, WeckMethod, Head Over Foot™ – optional

In this free lecture, David Weck, creator of the BOSU and WeckMethod, describes his program and tells why it's important in your training.

LectureGray Cook Talks at Google – optional

In this session of Talks at Google: Where Great Minds Meet, Gray Cook joins an impressive list of trendsetters invited to speak at Google.

LectureGray Cook Free Lecture, Schooling Vs Education – optional

In this free talk, Gray Cook discusses the difference between schooling and education, and explains why we need to participate in both.

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