The Free Audio Lecture Collection

This is a bundle of our free audio lectures—mp3 audio lectures, plus typeset transcripts, lightly edited for easier, faster reading.

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LectureGray Cook Talks at Google – optional

In this session of Talks at Google: Where Great Minds Meet, Gray Cook joins an impressive list of trendsetters invited to speak at Google.

LectureDavid Weck, WeckMethod, Head Over Foot™ – optional

In this free lecture, David Weck, creator of the BOSU and WeckMethod, describes his program and tells why it's important in your training.

LectureGray Cook The FMS Angle on Performance: The Fundamental Capacity Screen – optional

In this interview Functional Movement Screen creator Gray Cook discusses his new Fundamental Capacity Screen with Cody Dimak.

LectureDan John Blending Intervention & Can You Go – optional

In this free talk, Dan John discusses the differences and similarities found in his two books, Intervention and Can You Go.

LectureGray Cook Free Lecture, Schooling Vs Education – optional

In this free talk, Gray Cook discusses the difference between schooling and education, and explains why we need to participate in both.

LectureGray Cook Current Thinking about Injury Risk – optional

The 2012 International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists Conference was held in Quebec in October 2012. Gray Cook was a keynote speaker.

LectureFunctional Movement Screen History, Lee Burton – optional

How did the the screen come to be, and how much has it changed over the years? Is it still changing, and what changes can you expect in the future? In this talk, Lee Burton tells us what was going on back in 1997, and what he thought about Gray Cook's early ideas.

LectureWhat Is The Y Balance Test, Phil Plisky – optional

How did the Y Balance Test come to be? What are we trying to discover with it, and how did it get tied into the Functional Movement Systems program? Y Balance creator Phil Plisky tells the story of his balance screen.

LectureBreathing, Crawling & Getup for Runners, Sarah Young & Gabe Skinner – optional

This is a discussion between Sarah Young and Gabe Skinner, who both do bodywork as well as training runners. Three of their go-to drills are breathing, crawling and training the getup, and in this talk they'll tell you why those work so well for all of us, but especially for runners.

LectureGray Cook Movement Principles Talk, CK-FMS – optional

This is Gray Cook's talk on the movement principles, given at CK-FMS May 2013. It's an overview of his philosophy of movement, and the foundation of the Functional Movement Screen. It was a live talk, and unfortunately the sound quality is not the best.

LectureHow to Be a Personal Trainer, Higher Quality Personal Training, Jennifer Pilotti – optional

In this free talk, trainer Jennifer Pilotti discusses her philosophy of learning for personal trainers who work with the general public. On what continuing education should you spend your time and money?

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This is a bundle of our free audio lectures—mp3 audio files, plus typeset transcripts, lightly edited for easier, faster reading.

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