Training during Pregnancy, Galina Denzel

In this lecture, Galina teaches a complete system for training and program design during pregnancy. She covers major physiological changes and ties these together with objectives and practical solutions for use in training pregnant women.


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Training Through Pregnancy – Personal Training for New Mothers – How to Train a Pregnant Client

A pregnancy-specific approach

In this lecture, Galina teaches a complete system for training and program design during pregnancy. She covers major physiological changes and ties these together with objectives and practical solutions for use in training pregnant women. Training Through Pregnancy by Galina Denzel is designed for everyone who trains pregnant clients, and would be useful to all pregnant women who want to stay active during pregnancy.

“It seems like we have come a long way, but it really isn’t so. Those programs just offer a modification of the typical endurance, strength or flexibility program to make up for the positions a woman is considered to be able to take, and have a goal to make exercise go around pregnancy, instead of being specifically targeted at pregnancy. This makes the role of the health or fitness professional extremely important in designing a specific exercise program.” ~Galina Denzel


• Personal Background (1:40)
• Three Categories of Clients (7:35)
• Your Goals as a Professional (10:35)
• Physiologic Changes: Cardiovascular System (14:00)
• Physiologic Changes: Pulmonary System (16:50)
• Physiologic Changes: Musculoskeletal System (20:05)
• Mike Boyle’s Joint-by-Joint Approach (24:00)
• The Psoas & Surrounding Tissue (30:45)
• Conveying Your Goals to Your Client: Dialogue (35:10)
• Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains (44:55)
• Equipment Needs/Availability (50:40)
• Programming (53:15)
• Example: Workout Structure (55:00)
• Relaxation (1:00:25)
• How Long to Train Your Pregnant Client (1:04:20)


Galina Denzel, NSCA-CPT, is a pre- and postnatal expert who works both in the US and Bulgaria. She is a personal trainer, nutrition counselor, writer and educator. You can learn more from her or order her books via her website at

“Since my coauthors and I published The New Rules of Lifting for Women in 2008, I’ve gotten a lot of questions from readers about how to train during and after pregnancy. My own experience begins and ends with my wife’s three pregnancies. Each was just different enough from the others to leave me convinced that pregnant women need exercise advice from a real expert. But which one? Doctors, who should know better, default to advice that’s deliberately timid, treating all pregnancies as too risky to allow anything more aggressive than walking or yoga. Galya offers the perfect antidote. After explaining that trainers who work with pregnant clients will deal with a range that includes athletes, complete beginners, and everything in between, Galya emphasizes that the goal is to get those women to the finish line: a body that’s properly prepared for a natural delivery, with as few complications as possible. Galya’s explanations (delivered in her charming Eastern European accent) are clear, interesting, and 100 percent useful for any trainer who works with pregnant clients. Listening to this reminded me of how ignorant I felt during my wife’s pregnancies, and made me happy to know I now have this great new resource to recommend to my readers.”
Lou Schuler

“I have been training pregnant women for nearly five years, long enough to have come across many situations for which I was not fully prepared. I wish I would have had access to Galina’s knowledge and expertise when I started! In this talk she covers topics not covered in some pre- and post-natal courses, but which are nonetheless important when dealing with real individuals who have situations textbooks may not prepare you for. Galina’s experience and compassion combined with deep study of physiology are apparent and make this knowledge a worthy addition for anyone who works with a pregnant population.”
~ Chris Bathke, MA, CSCS


Who Benefits?

Trainers who work with women who are or want to become pregnant

2 reviews for Training during Pregnancy, Galina Denzel

  1. Roland Denzel

    Dear reader, How are you? I am fine. Let me first admit that Galya is my wife. I thought she was a genius BEFORE I married her, so figured out a way to meet her – even though she lived in Bulgaria – court her, and trick her into falling in love with me, too. So, here we are… I don’t really train pregnant women, but I’ve seen Galya’s training, and its results, in action, week after week. Her clients come in suffering and injured “from pregnancy,” which is a common occurrence, but NOT a natural one. Women who are active and healthy do not suffer from a healthy pregnancy, but most women, like most men, aren’t active and healthy and/or have spent far too much time sitting. Galya’s approach to training women who are or expect to be pregnant is to focus on the areas that are critical to this natural process, and will support a healthy birth and a quick and natural recovery. In the process, the new mom will come out stronger and healthier than she was going in! Pregnancy is a natural process, so moms don’t feel that they need to train for it, but our society also doesn’t put us in the position to support many of the natural tasks that our grandparents used to take for granted anymore. Just as we need to train our bodies to be strong enough to dig, chop, run, swim, fight, and hunt, most women also need to train to carry a healthy baby and recover quickly. As trainers and coaches, we know that society suffers from all sorts of common conditions that aren’t natural to modern man. We are used to training men and women to be flexible, mobile, strong, and well conditioned for day to day activities, sports, and looking good. It’s time to learn to support women for one of the most important roles in their lives! This is a great talk, full of great info, practical application, and clear advice, and it’s delivered with the weight of authority that only an exotic Eastern European accent can bring! That’s all I got… Roland Roland Denzel IKFF-CKT, Precision Nutrition-Pn1

  2. Julie Keen, PT

    In the scope of my practice as a physical therapist, I have taught classes for pregnant women, and I have treated many pregnancy-related pain issues. Galya explains training issues in a clear and concise manner. I am now referring the trainers in the facility where I work to this lecture as they are always coming to me with questions about our pregnant clients. Thank you Galya for putting an emphasis on a largely overlooked population!

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