Training with Autoimmune Illnesses, Ann Wendel

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This lecture is an overview into working with clients and patients who have autoimmune illnesses or suffer from chronic pain.


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Nutrition for Autoimmune Illness – Training with an Autoimmune Illness – Training with Chronic Pain

An Integrated Approach to Helping Clients with Chronic Pain and Autoimmune Illnesses

Training with Chronic Pain

This lecture is an overview into working with clients and patients who have autoimmune illnesses or suffer from chronic pain. Ann Wendel, an athlete and physical therapist who recovered her own health after a Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis diagnosis, discusses the early research, explains the steps used in her own healing, and makes suggestions for client guidance and patient treatment to personal trainers and healthcare providers.

“Chronic pain is not prolonged acute pain. Chronic pain causes changes in the central nervous system that leads to what is called central sensitization. This is an amplification of neural signaling within the central nervous system that elicits pain hypersensitivity. This often causes symptoms that seem to be all in a patient’s head. These include the perception of pain from what would normally be non-painful touch, tenderness to pressure or pain on movement or exercise, muscle spasm and referred pain.”~Ann Wendel


• Paleo Diet & Chronic Illness (2:50)
• Risk-Benefit of Recommending Change (7:10)
• Anatomical Model (9:15)
• Inflammation & Autoimmune Disease (10:40)
• Questions to Ask our Clients (14:55)
• Exercise (17:05)
• Self-Awareness (19:55)


Ann Wendel, PT, ATC, CMTPT, owns a private physical therapy practice in Alexandria, VA, and is part of the Whole9 Life consulting team. She offers wellness and nutrition consultations face-to-face, or via phone, email and Skype. You can arrange an appointment or catch up with her on her blog at


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Anyone with an autoimmune illness or who needs to understand the illnesses better

1 review for Training with Autoimmune Illnesses, Ann Wendel

  1. Melissa & Dallas Hartwig, Whole9

    Ann Wendel recently recorded a wonderful lecture about autoimmune illness and chronic pain for As you might know, we already think Ann is pretty fantastic and we’ve recently partnered with her as a consultant on our Whole9 team. But this comprehensive, well-thought-out lecture really hit home for one of us. Our Director of Operations, Erin, has been aware of autoimmune illness and chronic pain for most of her life. Her mother has battled Lupus and Fibromyalgia for decades and Erin has watched as her mother bounced from healthcare provider to healthcare provider with very little success finding treatment or, for that matter, a sympathetic ear.

    Ann Wendel’s lecture on this topic is compassionate, comprehensive, and a true call to arms not only to healthcare providers, but to athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coaches and personal trainers. In the lecture she states, “…we need to truly listen to our patients in order to put together the pieces of the puzzle. We are in the unique position of spending what equates to several hours a week with our clients; they share their stories with us, and they’re giving us clues the whole time. We are uniquely positioned to provide a big-picture plan for this client population, but first we need to recognize the signs of autoimmune illnesses.”

    This is the sentiment that so many of those suffering from autoimmune and chronic pain have been waiting for. If you are a provider, a trainer, or just care about someone with one of these conditions, do yourself a favor and listen to this lecture.

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