Sue Falsone Yoga - Yoga For Strength Programs - Yoga Drills For Personal Trainers

Yoga for Strength, Sue Falsone

Physical therapist Sue Falsone uses yoga for strength and conditioning with her athletes, and in this talk she explains how and why.


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Sue Falsone Yoga – Yoga for Strength Programs – Yoga Drills for Personal Trainers

Sue Falsone, the popular presenter of the Thoracic Spine lecture, spent the past year diving deep into the practice of yoga to discover its value in strength and conditioning and physical therapy. Her reflections will help you discover whether it’s a useful practice for you and your clients.

“Often I’ll prescribe yoga to an athlete who needs a lot of fundamental strength and stability and balance work. Yoga is great for establishing this foundation of movement. Yoga isn’t great for power. Yoga isn’t great for when I want to work on acceleration mechanics with an athlete. Yoga isn’t great for when I’m trying to improve multi-directional movement of an athlete.

“But yoga is great when I want to work on re-establishing normal movement of a motion segment. Yoga is great for when I want to re-establish psycho-motor control of the body. Yoga is great when I want to re-establish somatosensory control of the body. And yoga is great for fundamental performance. ~Sue Falsone


Sue Falsone is the former Head Athletic Trainer and Head of Sport Performance with the US Soccer Men’s National Team, and was the vice president of Performance Physical Therapy and Team Sports at Athletes Performance, and also the former head athletic trainer and physical therapist for the Los Angeles Dodgers. You can connect with Sue or keep up with her work via her site at

Who Benefits?

People interested in stretching or trainers who could be using stretching and yoga stability programs with their clients


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