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Mike Boyle: Understanding and Training Hip Flexion

The key to injury prevention and injury rehab is a sound understanding of functional anatomy. Mike Boyle clears up misconceptions about the anatomy respons...

Taylor Lewis: Ribs—The Underdog in Thoracic Mobility

Everyone needs adequate thoracic mobility, but it is challenging to know how much each person needs. Taylor Lewis covers the anatomy to help you know where that movement originates.

Anna Folckomer: Internal Abdominal Oblique Muscle and Stability

When considering the IAO, don’t just think ‘abdomen.’ Anna Folckomer shows you how connections with the back and thoracolumbar fascia create core stability.

Eric Beard: Standing Postural Assessment

Looking for a quick postural assessment to easily see your client’s asymmetries? Spend two minutes with Eric Beard and you’ve got one.

Kathy Dooley: Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Core Muscles

What is the difference between an extrinsic core muscle and an intrinsic core muscle? Kathy Dooley demonstrates the functional anatomy for you using body painting.

Kathy Dooley: Functional Anatomy for All Disciplines

Need an anatomy refresher? Kathy Dooley proposes body painting as a new and powerful way to continue your functional anatomy education.

Eric Beard: Spine Mobility vs Stability

Eric Beard describes spine mobility and stability, providing a full explanation of the anatomy at play in thoracic spine movement.

David Weck Coiling Core

David Weck: Enhancing the Core of Athletic Movement

In sports and in life, rotation is power. David Weck demonstrates that a braced core is not required for most athletic movements and discusses the benefits of Head Over Foot™ ali...

Mark Reifkind lats

Mark Reifkind Lats, the Super Muscle

What are the lats important? It's the bridge between your arm and your shoulder; it’s the bridge between your arm and your spine; it's the bridge between your shoulder and your hip—...

Lorimer Moseley: Perception and Pain

Lorimer Moseley discusses an intriguing experiment that tricks the brain and demonstrates that perception is always a factor when dealing with pain.


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