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Charlie Weingroff: High Threshold Strategy

High threshold strategies are necessary . . . but when? Charlie Weingroff discusses the issues that can result from incorrectly bracing for strength.

Chuck Wolf: Discovering the “Whys” of Injury

Fitness professionals do well with the "whats, whens and hows" of program design. Chuck Wolf considers the importance and priority of understanding the “whys” of injury.

Lee Burton: The FMS is the Entry Point

Lee Burton uses the FMS Performance Pyramid to demonstrate how the Functional Movement Screen and the SFMA work together to screen movement and further assess it when pain is present.

Lorimer Moseley: Pain and the Placebo Effect

Pain expert Lorimer Moseley describes an interesting placebo story that has major implications in human behavior and pain science.

Mark Reifkind: Foam Rolling Pain Points

Mark Reifkind approaches foam rolling with a plan of action: he tries to find the most painful spot within the most painful spot in order to teach a lesson on pain.

Mark Reifkind: Tissue Quality

For Mark Reifkind, the important concept of tissue quality has been overlooked for too long. If foam rolling or whatever else you're doing is not making things softer and better, then y...

shoulder tightness due to thoracic tightness Sue Falsone

Sue Falsone: Cervical Thoracic Anatomy

You can’t mention cervical thoracic anatomy without talking about everything around the region; it's all connected. That’s what Sue Falsone covers in this short clip discussing stru...

Greg Dea: Volleyball Shoulder Injuries

Approximately 43% of volleyball athletes will have shoulder pain in any competition week. You’re not supposed to have pain in your shoulder when you play volleyball. It’s common, bu...


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