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Guy Massi: Differentiated Instruction, Learning Styles and Learning Disorders

In this informative primer on learning styles and learning disorders, Guy Massi gives you tips on being more aware of your client’s learning needs as par...

Mark Reifkind: Foam Rolling Pain Points

Mark Reifkind approaches foam rolling with a plan of action: he tries to find the most painful spot within the most painful spot in order to teach a lesson on pain.

Dan John: Programming Checklists & Calendars

Dan John on importance of programming checklists and calendars as he humorously tackles the fitness industry’s superficial view of time and commitment.

Renegade rows Andrew Read

Andrew Read: What’s The Opposite of the Get Up? The Renegade Row

Just like muscles, exercises tend to come in opposing pairs. When you bench, you should row. When you overhead press, you should do pull-ups. When you hinge, you should squat. But what...

Gray Cook: Movement and Environment

Gray Cook describes the interplay between movement and environment and stresses why it must be scaled correctly for authentic development.

Greg Dea Wellness Monitoring

Greg Dea: Wellness Monitoring

On any given day, your client’s wellbeing has more to do with how good a trainer or coach you are than you might think. Greg Dea explains why wellness monitoring should be mandatory ...

Taylor Lewis time under tension

Taylor Lewis: Time Under Tension

Taylor Lewis looks at two training experiences, his own personal story and the success of a client with fibromyalgia, that formed his definition of Time Under Tension and changed his ap...


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