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Guy Massi: Strength and Conditioning Coaches – Believe in Your Abilities and Work around Reality

Strength and conditioning coaches have enough challenges, but all too often they are issues of time and communication. Guy Massi looks at the complicated l...

Dan John: Balance = Work/Rest/Play/Pray

Dan John goes back to second grade to expand on the compass that has helped guide him to find balance in his life. It’s simple and can work for you and your clients: Work, Rest, Pray,...

Patrick Ward: Enhancing the Physiological Buffer Zone

A healthy athlete needs to have a Physiological Buffer Zone; What are you doing to that area between full physical capacity and the point of breakdown, injury or pain? Patrick Ward asks...

Dan John: Assessments for “Everybody Else”

There’s so much out there about how to train elite athletes, but what do you do for “everybody else”? Dan John starts with a few of his simple assessments and covers the basics fo...

Joel Jamieson: Building the Performance Model

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that performance is the same for every sport . . . it’s literally a different ball game. The Performance Model is where the athlete, the requireme...

Dan John: Six Decades of Competition

Dan John recounts his 60 years of competition and shares his mistakes, his successes and his inspirations along the way.

Chris Holder: Qigong for Recovery and Health

Qigong is one of the most layered, ancient and powerful practices used to bring about massive health benefits and recovery efforts. Chris Holder tells us how it’s still relevant today...

Charlie Weingroff: High Threshold Strategy

High threshold strategies are necessary . . . but when? Charlie Weingroff discusses the issues that can result from incorrectly bracing for strength.

Chris Holder: An Argument for Early Specialization in Sports

The argument against early specialization is a strong one, but Chris Holder believes that an early focus on one sport can be beneficial, if done correctly with a dedicated, well thought...

Mike Boyle: Understanding and Training Hip Flexion

The key to injury prevention and injury rehab is a sound understanding of functional anatomy. Mike Boyle clears up misconceptions about the anatomy responsible for hip flexion.

Guy Massi: Oscillation, Amplitude and Dynamic Stability Training

Did you ever believe in something that didn’t work . . . until it did? That’s Guy Massi’s story with Dynamic Stability Training using oscillation.


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